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Steven Lee grew up in San Diego, CA. He eventually moved to Los Angeles with his older brother Bobby Lee (Mad TV, Pineapple Express). Steve is a musician and rapper and has performed in many different underground rap groups. In the early 2000’s Steve went solo under his Korean name Quangou.

Around 2015 Steve appeared on the DVDASA Podcast hosted by David Choe. He became a fan favorite and shortly after a new band was formed called Mangchi. The band features Steven Lee, David Choe, Heather Leather, Money Mark, and Edde Kim. They released multiple albums and have toured the US and Canada.

The band took a break and Steve created his own popular youtube podcast The Steebee Weebee Show where he interviews a variety of people.

Steve enjoys making music, playing games, and hanging out with his Girlfriend and dog Kerby.

Mangchi is working on a new album.

Steve's Channel

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    Worst Fireteam Ever

    Erik Griffin, Steve Lee, Frank Castillo, Erik Koch, and Craig Efros are the worst fireteam ever in the game Destiny.