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Jackie Kashian's comedy is like listening to a really racy episode of All Things Considered. She is comic, writer, and occasional actor... she has a half hour special on Comedy Central, her latest CD, "It Is Never Going To Be Bread" was one of the top ten comedy albums of the year on Amazon. The Dork Forest Podcast is dork on dork dialog where people go on about that thing they dork out about more than anyone. You can see her schedule for comedy at her website is www.jackiekashian.com, follow on twitter @jackiekashian or facebook it up

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Jackie's Channel

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    The Dork Forest

    Jackie Kashian discusses favorite obsessions with the obsessed. Video games, Comic Books, Birdwatching. How deep in the dork forest are you? Celebrate it and f*&%$, make it your own!

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