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Graham Elwood has been a stand-up comic for over 15 years working comedy clubs, colleges, TV shows, Holiday Inn Lounges, war zones, dive bars, and one time on the top of a double decker tour bus in Chicago (not joking).
You’ve probably seen him on the TV like when he hosted the socially relevant game shows Cram (GSN) and Strip Poker (USA) along with making the world a better place by appearing on shows like Best Bodies Ever on VH1 and in Doug Benson’s feature The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. Don’t forget the time when he told jokes on The Late Late Show (CBS). He’s also starred in the theatrical plays Speed the Plow, Light Sensitive, Cash Flow and co-wrote the one act play Brothers.

He has directed the award winning short “Hello Junkie” (coming soon to CFN) and his second stand-up comedy album, Palm Strike Dance Party. He has released the feature length documentary Laffghanistan about his first trip telling jokes in a war zone. Scary, crazy, funny and always entertaining. Graham likes referring to himself in the 3rd person as he feels like a pro ballplayer. Graham Elwood will get it done one day at a time and hopefully will be there come playoffs.

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    Stand-up comedians, authors and filmmakers Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood are the Comedy Film Nerds. Their weekly podcast is devoted to the newest movie releases, classic film, major features, independent film and all things movie-related! Each and every week Chris and Graham welcome a guest to talk anything and everything comedy film nerd related! We’ve had actor/comedian/author Kevin Pollak, SNL alum Janeane Garofalo, comedian Chris Hardwick, WTF host Marc Maron and best- selling author Stefanie Wilder- Taylor! They offer insight and stories with people in the entertainment industry.