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Danish and O'Neill


Episode 100: One Hundo!!!!

Hoooooooooliday! Celebrate! Episode 100 is upon us, ladies and gents, so listen and rejoice. A special guest joins us in studio. Who is it??? The intrigue. The mystery. The excitement. We start off the show by talking about a new procedure that's really taking the medical field by storm. Next, we talk about a new toy that O'Neill needs to get before they're banned. Where to after that? Fine. I'll tell you. We talk about how astral projection is revolutionizing sex. Then, we discuss self marriage (if you like O'Neill rage, you'll enjoy this). On to bigger and better things, like rapper YG really putting his foot in his mouth at a concert in Australia. We couldn't do episode 100 without an animal story, so we do a story about a boy and a goat (get your minds out of the gutters!). After that, it's some reflections about 100 episodes of D+O, a brief Y report, and some luscious post show talk. 100 episodes! We did it!!!!!! We're...the best...around!