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Danish and O'Neill


Episode 99: Say It Ain't So, Barb?!?

To open this hot episode, O'Neill describes a trailer for a beautiful new Steven Seagal movie called The China Salesman (with a title like that, how can you not already be sold?!?). Danish brings the mood down with some sad news (it relates to the title of this episode). In an attempt to lift everyone's spirits, Danish does a story, which O'Neill quickly says is fake. There goes that! Next up, is a story about the Breatharian movement, which O'Neill once again calls BS on. This is like the time he said there's no such thing as razors in Halloween candy. Such a doubting Thomas. Danish then tells an "interesting" story that his mother relayed to him. After that racy story (it is racy), Danish discusses an article about two random strangers getting a little too crazy on a flight to Ibiza. For the first time ever, D+O discuss a story from a paper in Bangor, Maine. And boy, is it a doozy. Long live the Borch family (you'll find out who they are if you listen, ya dingus!)! There's some random Adam West talk and then some urban cowboy follow-up. O'Neill describes his "spiritual journey" with Ari Shaffir. Then, there's some classic post show talk. Enjoy. Or else...