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Danish and O'Neill


Episode 98: Smorgasbord of Insanity

Greetings, Earthlings, extra terrestrials, and others who may be listening. Danish starts off by telling a few tales of things he's seen around town, one of which blew his mind. O'Neill watched the documentary we talked about last episode and shares his thoughts about it. After that, we discuss an incident that is hopefully the tipping point in the "support animal" epidemic. Then, it's time for some falcon news (a few different stories...a variety pack if you will). We segue beautifully into a story about a man and his love for motor vehicles. In a Danish and O'Neill first, we cover a story about makeup. Trust me, it's worth it. Then, it's on to bigger and better things: a story about a little person who caused scandal by dressing up as a leprechaun. Then, a story about a teacher/student relationship, and a zookeeper who isn't afraid to go the extra mile. What else is left? Post show talk. That's what, ya dingus!