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Tin Foil Hat


Tin Foil Hat #32: Gettin Political With The Vigilant Graham Elwood

Welcome to a bonus episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. Today, Ryan and Sam, welcome the Political Vigilant, Graham Elwood, to the show. On this episode we discuss..... 1) The Jimmy Dore Show 2) Neo Liberals and Neo Cons 3) The DNC 4)Seth Rich 5) Wikileaks 6) We read your iTunes comments! Please check the show out on Twitter: @Madhatter39ers Instagram: @TinFoilHatpod Reddit: TinFoilHatshow Get your t-shirts at AllComedyTshirts.com Check the video version of this podcast at youtube.com/SamTripoli Check out Graham's youtube channel at youtube.com/GrahamElwood