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Danish and O'Neill


Episode 106: Pepper Pants

Howdy, partners. Saddle up your horses cause another episode of D+O is upon us. And once again, we're one of the only podcasts out there that provides information that you can use to impress your coworkers and dinner party guests with. You're welcome! On today's show, we cover the 4 p's of podcasting: past TV stars, an alleged pervert patrol, peppers, and pets. We start off with a Dukes of Hazard update. One of the former stars may be in some trouble. Stay tuned. Then, we talk about some helicopter cops who allegedly used the chopper for inappropriate "missions". O'Neill drops some more tidbits from his trip to Indiana and then we follow-up on a story from a few shows back about a guy with a devast8ating facial tattoo. After that, we hop in the Danish and O'Neill hovercraft and head to Vietnam to report on a story about peppers. We segue into some Teen Vogue talk. We really analyze (emphasis on the first four letters of that word) an article they wrote. It's been a while...but we have to report the news. It's time for a story about a man and a donkey. We finish the show with an example of how yoga class can betray you and then some post-show talk. Keep on fartin' in the free world.