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233 War & Peace

Ashna and I are fresh back from Europe and we are full of stories to share! Last week we were in Oslo, Norway and we have advice for all travelers who go there.In this episode we answer these pertinent questions:  What are the most fascinating facts about the Nobel Peace Prize? Who gives out the Nobel prize? Where does the money come from that funds it? And why was Alfred Nobel so fond of dynamite? Why do people love blowing each other up so much? What are Norwegians like at hotel breakfast bars? What are the most epic motorcycle journeys you can take starting from Oslo? What are the most epic motorcycle journeys you can take around Europe and the rest of the world? What is the first thing people do when they leave the Edvard Munch museum in Oslo? What are the most visible benefits of Norway's high tax rate socialist society? Am I obsessed with Instagram? Is there anything socially redeemable about twitter? Does people liking your photos somehow validate your existence? Why should we give Millennials a break? Is it possible to learn a different language via twitter? How stressful is it keeping up with the herd of modern living? Does social media give us all status anxiety to the point where in the end none of us will be happy?  What reaction does every visitor to the Much museum in Oslo experience when they leave? Has anyone written anything worthwhile in Scandinavia recently? How is being a nice person something close to experiencing eternal life? Why do I consider Harley Davidson dealerships mid-life crisis centers? Why is now the time to buy a home in Amsterdam? Why does Ashna experience higher planes of love and consciousness when she goes back to The Netherlands? What existential crisis does she also experience? Why do people have more intelligent conversations in Europe? Why did the new Planet Of The Apes have more story and not enough action? Why are monkeys stronger together? Why did I change my feelings about eating chicken hearts? How did Ashna bring her family together through the most peaceful means available to us all? What power does the Washington Redskins hold over my family? What stories in Ireland from Irish folklore should never include the truth? Where did the term "Lynch mob" come from? Where did the expression "Wouldn't give you the time of day" come from? Why should you never let the truth get in the way of a really good story? What is the best thing about Salvador Dali's remains being dug up? All of these questions and many others will be answered as well as travel tips from my 5 week tour of Europe and general knowledge nuggets that will enrich your life with wisdom and laughter. Dig in and get happy now! Shalom amigos y amigas!