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Tin Foil Hat


Tin Foil Hat #45: Samaritans with Jonathan Lynn

Thank you for tuning into another episode of Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli! This episode Ryan and Sam welcome writer and director, Jonathan Lynn. On this episode we discuss.... 1) Lynn's new book Samaritans available on Amazon 2) My Cousin Vin, Clue and Yes Minister 3) The US Health Care System 4) Donald Trump 5) Marissa Tomei 6) We read your 5 Star reviews Please check us out all over the internet 1) Twitter.com/TinFoilHatCast 2) Instagram.com/TinFoilHatpod 3)AllComedyTshirts.com 4)Patreon.com/TinFoilHat 5)Paypal.com at TinFolHatpod@gmail.com