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Episode 120: Feeding Frenzy (with special guest: Andrew DeWitt)

about 5 days ago

Rise 'n shine, sweet listeners, a new episode of Danish and O'Neill is upon us. This week, we have special guest Andrew DeWitt sitting in for some mayhem. We sprint out of the starting gates by discussing a fascinating new program Harvard put on for their students. There are some interesting tangents during this discussion that include but are not limited to: pet-play, use of fingernails on your privates, and stretching the ol' sack. A little while later, Andrew treats us to some renditions of dirty Christmas songs, so gather your family around the hearth and play these ditties for them. We then discuss an interrogation that went horribly awry for the policemen who were conducting it. Andrew reveals a fantasy he has (I won't give it away, but it involves someone sitting, I wrote "sitting"! on his chest). After that, we get into "feeders", and a woman who is trying to make a career out of eating on camera for her loyal followers. There's also a much needed update on what got into the Toy Hall of Fame. It's nearly two hours of insanity for your listening pleasure. This episode will pair nicely with baked beans and frankfurters.

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Episode 119: Gay (lion) Pride


Episode 119: Gay (lion) Pride by Danish and O'Neill
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Episode 118: Two Tears in a Bucket (ATC Comedy Festival Recap)


On Sunday, our fair heroes returned from the All Things Comedy Festival in Phoenix. What did they do immediately upon returning home? Did they rest on their laurels? HELL NO!!!! We got off the road after a fun but tiring weekend and recorded a brand new podcast. It's that kind...
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Episode 117: The UFO Clearinghouse


Paaaaaarty peeeeeeople (remember that from the hit song Whoomp There It Is?)! We start off the show by wishing all of you a happy P-22 day and discussing the "legendary" cougar and O'Neill's chances against it. O'Neill then discusses his experience of a day at the "horse track" with the...
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Episode 116: Drunk to the Future


Hiiiiiiiiiyee. It's yet another glorious episode of Danish and O'Neill for your listening consumption. On this week's edition, we start out with a much needed Eric Hites update. Spoiler alert, he's on the move again! After that magic, we make a perfect transition into a story about someone using a...
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Episode 115: Breastamania (Live from the 2017 LA Podfest!!!)


It's the first ever episode of Danish and O'Neill that was recorded in front of a live studio audience. We went to the LA Podfest and really tore the house down (and that's us being modest). People came from all over the world to see us perform, and it was...
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Episode 114: Seagal's Back!


Bonjiorno, everybody. It's another episode of Danish and O'Neill. This week, we start by talking about what's been going on in our lives, ya know, out and about and around town. There are tales of impromptu concerts, ram's horns, knives in trees, bike rides that happen upon adult film sets...
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Episode 113: w/ Gareth Reynolds of the Dollop!


On this episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast, we have a VERY special guest. It's not Gareth Keillor. It's Gareth Reynolds of the hit podcast, the Dollop. It's a real rapid fire, shootin' straight from the hip episode. We waste no time getting right down to the biz. O'Neill...
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Episode 112: Wandering Through Beef Cannon Hills


Heeeeeeey yooooooou guuuuuuys, it's episode 112 of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. And you know what that means, two family-sized portions of funny to spice up your week. We start out this week's episode by talking about our experience at the Los Angeles Rams game. Then, we have some special...
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Episode 111: Hole Number 8


Patrons of the Danish and O'Neill show, Welcome back to another heaping helping of the top comedy podcast in Puerto Rico. We start off with some light banter, describing what we've been up to lately. Danish went to see the Muppets live at the Hollywood Bowl, while O'Neill looked as...
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Episode 110: TSA-holes


Step right up, step right up, it's another fabulous episode of the Danish and O'Neill podcast. We start off with some light book discussion (seriously) regarding the book It. Then, Danish delves deep into his recent travels. Tales include but are not limited to: swim stories, airport harassment, Griswold-like mishaps...
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