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Episode 102 - Greg Giraldo

about 1 month ago

Jon and Bryan talk about the dark side of comedy and the rumors that surround it. Author Matt Balaker calls in to discuss his book about the life and death of comedian Greg Giraldo. Good show because no one cries.

Other Episodes

Episode 101 - California Dreamin


Jon and Bryan finally do a show after a long break because both were busy producing projects. Bryan talks about producing and directing a short film for a new production company and Jon discusses opening his own production company and producing commercials. Don't worry though, they still realize that they...
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Episode 100 - Bryan's Summertime Extravanganza


Jon, Bryan and Jen celebrate the 100th episode by recapping everyone's summer and not having Eddie in studio. It is a showed filled with death, poop, plane crash stories, weight issues, phone calls, car crashes and party horns. No frills, but all the thrills. Sit back or walk or do...
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Episode 99.5 - Jon's Place


Jon and Bran are joined by Jen and Eddie at Jon's place. They have eventful and funny conversations. Jon never offers coffee or water to anyone but, he did get a new floor in his kitchen that he was excited about. The show ends with a discussion that, hopefully, Jon's...
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Episode 99 - Carrots and Dave Grohl


Jon and Bryan get together with Jen and Eddie. The show goes on the road and actually records in Hollywood at Jon's place. The gang recaps some great guests of the past. It all builds up to an amazing story from Jen. This is one of the best. Prepare to...
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Epsiode 98 - NKOTB and Kangaroos


Jon and Bryan are joined by Jen and Eddie. Jen asks Bryan to arrange a meeting with Joey McIntyre. Eddie gets into a political war with everyone on Facebook. Jon gets jacked up on caffeine from his tumbler while Bryan brings up more old man related jargon and gets mocked...
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Episode 97 - Brian "Max Mossimo" Snyder


Jon and Bryan are joined by Brian "Max Mossimo" Snyder. His story is one you won't soon forget. Brian is losing his eyesight and he is on a journey to see people and life before it all goes dark. Brian shares his life with us which, includes some pirates and...
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Episode 96 - Justin Wood and Columbia House


Jon and Bryan are joined by comedian and military veteran Justin Wood. They talk life in a small town. The ups and downs of starting out in Stand up Comedy. Ups, being all your friends coming to laugh. Downs, being no one coming to laugh. The conversation moves from trying...
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Episode 95 - Googling and Hipsters


Jon, Bryan and Eddie discuss hipsters, hinders, Vegas and more. Eddie finds his calling on the show by being the official googler. The guys prank call Jen Murphy aka Jennifer. Bryan discusses his movie FIXED and film festivals. Shit gets real. Coughs, Crying and Radio references.
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Episode 94 - Krullapalooza and MOSTe


Jon and Bryan take the show on the road and visit the offices of MOSTe to discuss how their non profit encourages and supports girls in middle school to go to college and have a career. MOSTe is the beneficiary of the 4th annual Krullapalooza, which, is run by Tig...
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Episode 93 - Hinders and Hair Pieces


The gang gets together and talks about the Oscars, the use of medicinal marijuana, a Trump supporter losing her mind at a comedy show and the purpose of horrible road gigs. Jen insults Bryan's hair, Bryan questions Eddie's dedication to his homework. Jon is way too excited about his shoes...
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