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  • Comedian, former pornstar Alia Janine: 5 ways comedians and pornstars are the same

    I've been asked many times why comics and pornstars seem to get along so well. There's many reasons that when you're at a comedy show in Los Angeles the chances you may see one of your favorite fuck flick stars are pretty good. If there’s a huge porn party, there will be comics present, guaranteed. Think about how many comics have jokes about porn, or how many porn parodies there are of comedies. It’s not just because porn stars love comedy, or that comics love porn, or that you have to have a sense of humor to be in both porn and comedy, but because these two groups actually have a lot more in common than the average observer knows. Here's a list of five of things that comics and pornstars have in common.

    2014-10-23 by Alia Janine
  • Netflix snags Bill Burr animated series

    Comedian Bill Burr will voice Frank Murphy in the Netflix animated series F is for Family in 2015. "It captures all the characters of my childhood the way I remember it to be. It's going to be a lot of fun to tell these stories," Burr says.

    2014-10-22 by Billy Procida
  • George Carlin Way becomes reality! Watch the unveiling (Video)

    It’s been three years in the making, but George Carlin Way is officially a reality. Earlier this afternoon a few hundred comedy fans and comedians damned to hell the wet, cold and incredibly windy day to gather at the corner of Morningside Drive and 121st Street in Harlem to not just see the literal unveiling of the sign but also to hear George’s daughter Kelly, older brother Patrick, George’s girlfriend Sally Wade, comedian Colin Quinn and New York City Council member Mark Levine (who actually dropped a ‘motherf-cker’) speak of why George Carlin is such an important part of their lives and why it’s about time the neighborhood in which the iconic comedian grew up is finally honoring Carlin.

    2014-10-22 by Laughspin Staff
  • Hannibal Buress talks Bill Cosby ‘rapist’ joke on Howard Stern Show (Audio)

    To true comedy fans, Hannibal Buress is one of the most well-respected new stars of the past five years or so. To those unfamiliar with Buress, however, he's now just a guy who called Bill Cosby a rapist. "I've been doing the bit on and off for six months," Buress told Howard Stern. "It was unexpected. It wasn't my intention to make it part of a big discussion. It was just something I was doing at that venue right there. So for someone to put it to the media, it's crazy."

    2014-10-21 by Dylan P. Gadino
  • Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation producer Aisha Muharrar developing comedy series

    Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation co-executive producer Aisha Muharrar are developing a comedy series about an young, agnostic woman who inherits a church and now has a whole new community to deal with. This is the second show the UCB alum has developed under her three-year deal with NBC's Universal TV. She created a popular pilot Old Soul starring Natasha Lyonne last season, but it was not greenlighted to series.

    2014-10-21 by Billy Procida
  • Key & Peele stars Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele will shoot ‘Keanu’ for New Line Cinemas

    Key & Peele stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will finally appear in a feature film together in Keanu. Lots of speculation has been made about films starring the Key & Peele duo. There were reports that they will produce (and potentially star in) a Police Academy reboot. They've also been linked to an untitled Judd Apatow film and a spinoff movie Mr. Garvey, aka Substitute Teacher, one of their beloved characters from their Comedy Central show. But for now, it appears that their on-screen debut together will be with Keanu.

    2014-10-21 by Billy Procida
  • Russell Brand Kicked Out Of Fox News! Watch Video Of Comedian Nearly Getting Arrested While Filming ‘Trews At Network Headquarters

    Russell Brand's feud with Fox News has been well-documented, especially in the comedian's Trews YouTube videos. Brand even recently got into a Twitter feud with Sean Hannity. So when Hannity producers supposedly uninvited Brand from a planned appearance, Katy Perry's ex got revenge by filming a Trews episode outside network headquarters. But Brand was ultimately kicked out of the property after security intervened.

    2014-10-20 by Melissa Siegel