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  • Exclusive: Original Kings of Comedy biopic in the works

    When The Original Kings of Comedy hit theaters nationwide in August of 2000 no one could’ve predicted that it would do what it eventually did for the careers of Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and the late Bernie Mac. That is, no one except Walter Latham, the force behind the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed concert film shot over two nights at the Charlotte Coliseum in North Carolina during the Kings of Comedy Tour. Now, Laughspin hears that those times before The Original Kings of Comedy are set to become the subject of a new biopic. Sources say the reality of a film about the lives and careers of Harvey, Hughley, Cedric and Mac leading up to those fateful nights in North Carolina is inching closer. “A film about what led up to The Original Kings of Comedy is absolutely happening,” one insider says.

    2015-11-09 by Dylan P. Gadino
  • What’s happening with Laughspin?

    Some of you have reached out asking what’s up. And someone even took the time to post on Reddit about the lack of hot comedy action on Laughspin. That was nice of that person. So, for those of you who care, here’s what’s going on. I’m exhausted. Physically and mentally exhausted. Laughspin has always been me— and a very small handful of very talented and dedicated comedy lovers. And it’s a tremendous amount of work. The site launched on Sept. 15, 2005 as I created it with the help of childhood friend Bill Bergmann, who designed the site and, to this day, helps me out with the technical side of things. I re-launched and re-branded the site in the summer of 2011. Laughspin was born. That was fun.

    2015-08-04 by Dylan P. Gadino
  • Dana Gould Just For Laughs Keynote Address (Full audio)

    Comedian Dana Gould delivers the annual keynote address at Just For Laughs in Montreal on July 23, 2015.

    2015-07-23 by Laughspin Staff
  • Bullmastiff Blames French Bulldog Friend For Toilet Paper Mess: Watch The Adorable Video

    When a French bulldog and a bullmastiff got together for some toilet paper fun, their human came home to a big mess. And the bullmastiff was quick to blame the bulldog for what happened. Now video of the adorable snitching is going viral.

    2015-07-06 by Melissa Siegel
  • Girl Shoots Tooth Out Of Her Mouth Using Slingbow: Watch Shocking Video Of 11-Year-Old Alexis Davidson Removing One Of Her Baby Teeth

    A girl named Alexis Davidson removed one of her baby teeth by attaching it to a slingbow and shooting it out of her mouth. Now the shocking video is going viral. And despite accusations that it was fake, the girl's father, Jason McDonald, insists this is not the case.

    2015-07-04 by Melissa Siegel
  • Russell Brand Moving To Syria? After His Tunisia Attack Trews Video, Critics Start Campaign To Buy Comedian One-Way Ticket

    Russell Brand's latest Trews video has created controversy. The British comedian slammed his native country's moment of silence following the Tunisia terror attack. Instead, he thinks England's government should blame itself for what happened. In response, one critic joked that Brand should move to Syria permanently. And after Brand fired back that he would do so if he got a first-class ticket, many commenters are raising money towards this goal.

    2015-07-04 by Melissa Siegel
  • Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank Funny? Watch Video Of Egyptian Ramez Galal Making Socialite Think She’s Going To Die In Airplane Accident

    Egyptian actor Ramez Galal made Paris Hilton believe she was about to die in a plane crash. But when Hilton found out it was all a joke, she still didn't think the prank was funny. Did Galal go too far? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

    2015-06-29 by Melissa Siegel