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  • First Look: Billy Crystal, Josh Gad in The Comedians on FX (Videos)

    FX has five reasons to get you excited for their new comedy series The Comedians starring Billy Crystal and Book of Mormon's Josh Gad. They're not reasons you can express in words but rather visual stimulants. FX Networks released several teaser trailers for the new series which marks Crystal and Gad's returns to television. Due to premiere in 2015, The Comedians is based on a similar Swedish series about an aging comedy veteran who is teamed up with a younger, edgier comic whose star is on the rise to co-star in a late-night sketch comedy show. The teasers are just as appropriately meta as the show's premise.

    2014-11-26 by Billy Procida
  • Seth Rogen’s Jewish-Canadian-American Thanksgiving for Funny Or Die (Video)

    Seth Rogen isn’t just a hilarious thespian who loves marijuana almost as much as he loves James Franco. He’s also a Jewish human being from Canada! What? It’s true, you guys. If you don’t believe us, you should watch this brand new animation from Funny Or Die, wherein Rogen explains how, as a Jewish kid in Canada, he used to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    2014-11-25 by Laughspin Staff
  • Melissa McCarthy’s plus size clothing line will launch next fall, teams with Sunrise Brands

    Melissa McCarthy, already an Emmy-winning and Oscar nominated actress, is expanding her resume to include clothing designer. The Bridsemaids and Mike & Molly star has teamed up with Sunrise Brands to create casual sportswear that will include straight and plus sizes. And lest you think she’ll just slap her name on the brand and watch the money roll in, McCarthy actually studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and only got into comedy after celebrated shoe designer Brian Atwood suggested she do so. “I lived on a farm in Illinois and we didn’t have a lot of money,” McCarthy tells Women’s Wear Daily. “But I lived vicariously through magazines. I was obsessed with Jean Paul Gaultier."

    2014-11-25 by Laughspin Staff
  • Nick Offerman’s ‘American Ham’ hits Netflix Dec. 12, ‘mediocre songs, ribald japes and minor nudity guaranteed’

    In a bold move that will undoubtedly spread his earthy manliness across the world, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman will release American Ham on Dec. 12 exclusively through Netflix. Described as a “master class in life, love, woodworking, meat eating and being a man,” American Ham finds Offerman outlining his own 10 tips for prosperity through stand-up comedy, spoken word, original music and live sketches, which will feature his wife, former Will & Grace star and Parks And Recreation guest star Megan Mullally.

    2014-11-24 by Dylan P. Gadino
  • Odell Beckham Jr. One-Handed Touchdown Catch Against Dallas Cowboys Goes Viral, Leads To Amazing Internet Memes

    Everyone is still talking about Odell Beckham Jr.'s amazing end zone catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Video of the incredible touchdown went viral on Twitter Sunday night. Now it has inspired a host of hilarious Internet memes, referencing everything from Space Jam and Lion King to Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner.

    2014-11-24 by Melissa Siegel
  • South Park’s ‘My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit’ vinyl available on Record Store Day Black Friday

    Vinyl records are all the rage these days and Comedy Central's South Park is getting in on the action. Comedy Central Records is releasing a limited edition 7-inch vinyl picture disc in coordination with Record Store Day Black Friday on Nov. 28. The vinyl album will feature the songs "James Cameron" from the Emmy Award-winning episode "Raising the Bar" and "My Bitch Ain't No Hobbit" from the episode "The Hobbit."

    2014-11-24 by Billy Procida
  • Watch Sarah Silverman teach 8-year-olds about comedy

    Sarah Silverman can teach the world a lot about comedy. But can she teach the world's children about comedy? After watching the latest episode of Kevin Nealon’s AOL Web show Laugh Lessons, we here at Laughspin submit the following answer: Yes! In the episode, we find Silverman getting up close with a handful of 8-to-9-year-olds in the classroom. Together they explore whether poop or pee is funnier, what a “courtesy” laugh is, when it’s ok to tease your friends and much more.

    2014-11-24 by Laughspin Staff