ATC Podcasts honored by WhatPods as top comedy podcasts!

May 09, 2018

Whatpods recently put together a team of researchers to find the best comedy podcasts out today. They have compiled a strong list of their favorite 38. We are honored to have so many ATC shows make the list. If you aren't listening, here is a great place to start!

Number 34 on the list is The Doug Stanhope Podcast. On the show, Stanhope hosts discussions with individuals he meets on the road and at home in Bisbee, AZ. If you're into his dark, uncensored, style then this is a great listen. 

Coming in at #26 on the list is Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank. You know Ari from his story teller show This is Not Happening and his Netflix special Double Negative. Check out his podcast that Ari describes as "A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes."

Bertcast is #24 on the list. In 1997 Rolling Stone Magazine named Bert Kreischer the # partyer in America. He later became the inspiration for the lead character in National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Last year Kreischer rose to fame with the success of his special The Machine, as the story of him robbing his classmates on a trip to Russia went viral. Each week on the podcast Kreischer shares his wisdom and life with you.

At #16 on the list is the hilarious Tom Papa's Come to Papa. Beginning as a traditional interview style podcast where Papa sat down with some of the biggest names in show business with names like Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks, Jim Gaffigan, Ray Romano, Weird Al Yankovic, Alec Baldwin and a whole lot more, Come to Papa has evolved into one of the most unique formats, feeling more like an old timey radio variety show than a podcast. Recorded live at The Village Underground in New York City and streamed on Sirius XM and ATC, Papa has a fresh take on a traditional show. 

Breaking the top 5 is Bill Burr's  The Monday Morning Podcast. One of the early pioneers of podcasting, Burr started in 2009 and has grown to one of the top downloaded comedy podcasts in the world. Each week you get 2 new episodes on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon with the podcast being a look into Burr's mind as he rants about current events and things happening in his life. If you're a fan of his stand up, the podcast is an incredible look into Burr's writing process, often ranting on a topic on the podcast which later becomes a bit in his act. This podcast is a must listen!

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