Remembering Angelo Bowers

January 04, 2018

On January 3rd 2012, Los Angeles based comedian Angelo Bowers was killed by a drunk driver. He was 27 and had recently beaten cancer. As a fellow comic coming up in the scene I can say that without a doubt he was the comics’ comic of our generation. One from our group that has seen several stars rise from open mics to television including Jerrod Carmichael, Jamar Neighbors, Josh Adam Meyers, Yassir Lester, Willie Hunter, Tony Hinchcliffe, Rell Battle, and more! Angelo had such a strong presence on stage, yet was so calm and quiet in his delivery. His one-liners were some of the best written jokes you could hear. He gave the biggest hugs, had the best laugh, and the best calves in comedy (he walked everywhere). He was the funniest comic you’ve never heard of. On the 6 year anniversary of his passing I encourage you to check him out. He was mostly off the grid and very humble. But since his passing a tribute Twitter account has collected jokes from those who knew him and puts them out on a regular basis. You can read through on @angelosjokes & look him up on Youtube. We'll truly miss his humor and hugs. 

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