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Comedy Albums We Love - 2017

November 29, 2017

2017 was a golden year for comedy and a shitty year for everyone and everything else. As the headlines became exponentially crazier, we had all the more reason to tune it out with an endless amount of hilarious content. So if you're in the market for some comic relief, be sure to check out our list of the top 5 comedy albums of this year.

1. Tom Rhodes 

All Hail Laughter:

Tom Rhodes returns to his old stomping ground, the Punch Line in San Francisco, for nearly 2 hours of badass personal stories, along with some not-so-badass ones, i.e. sniffing his mother-in-law’s panties. He talks about meeting legends like Ringo Starr, watching hours of Lynyrd Skynyrd videos with Lars Ulrich, fangirling over Tom Waits and being Louie Anderson’s hot arm candy during a night out in West Hollywood. Expect lots of cocaine, a little nudity and to learn how hipster beards can save us from ISIS.

2. Brent Weinbach

Christmas Music:

If your holidays have been lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, it’s mostly likely because up until now the world has been without Brent Weinbach’s latest album. Christmas Music features 10 classic Christmas tunes played by none other than your favorite Jewish Filipino. It was originally made for his mother, which is proof that he’s the good son we always imagined him to be and all the more reason to let it be the backdrop for your next holiday party.

3. Kate Willett

Glass Gutter:

Forget the glass ceiling. Kate Willett wants to shatter the glass gutter so that her fellow feminists too can enjoy the splendors of scratching one’s crotch in public and being a degenerate member of society like their male counterparts. To get us there, she shares her funny sexcapades, like that time in the orgy tent at Burning Man, or when taking antibiotics for chlamydia turned out to be the best foreplay. Willett’s feminist take on hot-button and taboo topics is surprisingly refreshing and definitely funny.

4. Ron Babcock

This Guy:

For some nonstop, loud and self-deprecating humor, check out Ron Babcock’s album, This Guy. As he talks about what it’s like being an effeminate, straight guy who’s balding and lost his virginity later than most guys, you will definitely wish that you were watching his live set in person. If anything, listen for the Back to the Future reference and his failed attempt to get to second base with a girl in the third row.

5. Shane Torres

Established 1981:

Shane Torres is a hilarious force to be reckoned with. During his set, the Texas native recounts Christmas dinner with his racist uncle and a phone call with his deceased father’s debt collector. Nothing is off limits, so be prepared for Torres to pick on audience members, talk about an intoxicated experience in an airplane bathroom and give a convincing argument that masturbating is exactly like eating a Cinnabon. Established 1981 is also a public service announcement to stop hating on Guy Fieri.

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