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The Roast of The Hardy Boyz! And AEW vs NXT

about 19 days ago

Dan, Scott, Robert, Mike, and special Guest Ryan O'Connor of the WrestleBotch Instagram and Facebook Page! Break down number 1 and 2 on the countdown. Then it's the Roast of The Hardy Boyz! 1. Red and Yellow Book - Hogan and Titus are hosting Mania 2. Show and Hell - New Jack, Iron Sheik, and The Honky tonk Man comment on the Benoit murders 3. The Roast of The Hardy Brothers! 4. AEW vs NXT vs Lethal Weapon 2 5. Robert's Creative Has Nothing for You. 6. Which Mania main event do you think would've been better with a third person? 7. Scott's New Japan Corner 8. Disrespect Dojo - Who was more disrespected this week? Batista by the Hall of Fame, Vince by Andrade, or the Grammy's by Chris Jericho? 9. Who will be wrestling's next big thing? Parker Bordeux or AJ Ferrari? 10. Mark Out Moment of the Week Follow our Twitters: @WrestleRoasts @WWECreative_ish Follow our Instagram: @wrestlebotch @wrestleroasts @mikelawrencecomedy Join the Patreon: Buy our Merch:

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