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about 12 days ago

What a morning! The jam cam is loaded out there on the roads, but one of Hollywood's biggest stars - TOM CLARK! - joins us live! We also do a little wrap-up after the mega-success of our sixth-annual 97.9 Fishing 4 Gold Contest, where listeners compete to down the most shots of Goldschlager with a live goldfish in it - a total blast of good, wholesome fun!! Apologies to hilarious comic Adam Cayton-Holland who will be performing at the Jostens Park Auditorium all weekend, and was bumped when the Tom Clark interview ran long. 97.9 The Rat Race #35 Featuring: Ben Roy (Donny D), Beth Hoyt (Tara), Chris Marrs (Animal), Evan Nix (Luke), Homer Marrs (Driver) & Adam Cayton-Holland (Tom) Written By: Beth Hoyt Audio Designed & Directed by: Evan Nix Created by: Ben Roy & Chris Marrs See for privacy information.

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