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Ep. #285: Whatever Happened to Super Manager Hennigan?

1 day ago

Doug wants to know where Hennigan has been the last 3 months and if this means his retirement is over. Email your questions for the podcast to [email protected] Recorded Oct. 29th, 2018 at the FunHouse in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@DougStanhope), Hennigan (@MrHennigan), John Norris (@jnorris123), Chad Shank (HDFatty), & Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced & Edited by Chaille This episode is sponsored by []( – Liftmode L-Theanine capsules and dozens of other supplements are available on Amazon, Walmart and []( Use coupon code STANHOPE to save 20% off your first order. []( - Never think about WiFi again - Get $100 off the ‘eero base unit and 2 beacons package,’ and 1 year of eero Plus, visit []( and at checkout enter STANHOPE. []( - Log onto right now and double your money. Use promo code STANHOPE and you’ll get your first deposit matched 100 percent. You must use promo code STANHOPE . You play, you win, you get paid. []( – The most comfortable pillow you will ever sleep on. Log on to and use the promo code STANHOPE for 30% off your purchase. []( - Interact with Chad Shank while he tries to conquer video games. Go to [](, search @HD_Fatty and subscribe. If you have an Amazon Prime account it's free. Instructions are pinned up top on Chad's Twitch page. LINKS - The Points Guy - []( “Ringside at Roast Battle: The First Five Years of L.A.'s Fight Club for Comedians“ by Julie Seabaugh. Available now on - []( We like what they are doing over at []( - Check it out Support the Innocence Project - []( Closing song, “The Modern Maidens Prayer” by Eddie Cantor and licensed under a Public Domain / Sound Recording Common Law Protection License.

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