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Congress w/ podcaster Jen Briney- Ep. 438

1 day ago

CSPAN3. Did you know there was a THREE? Jen Briney (@jenbriney) follows the House and the Senate. There’s drama in these people that run our country. They are all, very HUMAN, very bought, people. Enjoy. DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL FOODBANK THIS MONTH INSTEAD OF DONATING TO THE DORK FOREST. Google “your town” and “food bank.” DO IT> New Album available on Amazon and iTunes now and later. “I Am Not the Hero of This Story.” Real CD on the website. Premium eps are taped live and available here: Merch! CD, DVD, links to watch my comedy. You can also get a dork forest tshirt or any of my CDs or DVD at  USE THE AMAZON banner when you order your own dorky goodness. Audio leveling by Patrick Brady  Music is by Mike Ruekberg  Website design by Vilmos:

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