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3 Tool Loser

3 months ago

Jason is back with a fresh new start & talks more than just sports in his new Lawhead's Court weekly Podcast. Jason divulges the details on how his recent engagement & how it went down. He fairly criticizes woman play by play announcer Beth Mowins for what seems to be intrusion over inclusion. “On This Day” we remember the life of Johhny Cash & what I regret most about it. "My New Favorite Thing" is revealed & its part of my “Recipe of the week”. I talk Browns, Steelers & who I think the MVP of week 1 is, why & what team surprised me the most. “The best of LC” is a throwback segment and it brings in Bill Burr as he talks Patrice O’Neal, why he was & still is one of the greatest ever. Enjoy !

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