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Episode 121: Transracial Trouser Snakes

1 day ago

Hey jive turkeys, it's the Thanksgiving week edition of Danish and O'Neill. We open the show with an article that discusses famed Los Angeles mountain lion, P-22, heading down out of the hills to bring the fight to O'Neill! Boooooold move, P-22. Then, we discuss an interesting tale of a transracial man. It must be heard to believe. And it's touching. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You may have an accident in your pants. After that, it's a creep sweep update with yet another story about the one, the only...Steven Seagal. After that doozy, it's air raid siren time, as we discuss a man trying to pass off a squirrel as a support animal, but his condo association isn't taking it! Keeping it in the animal kingdom, we discuss a young German man, who had a surprise for police officers who arrested him. We end the show with two tales: A.a mystery that will baffle even the greatest of Danish and O'Neill detectives 2.a fight over french fries, involving a man named Donald Crump Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. To all others, have a grrrrrrreat week and all that other good stuff.

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