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Episode 151 - Less Time Caning Girls, More Time Reading Books (w/Laurie Kilmartin)

about 4 days ago

This week on Don't Take Bullsh*t From F*ckers, Greg Behrendt and Kane Holloway welcome comedian and writer, Laurie Kilmartin, to the show, Greg and Laurie have a history of medical conditions together, Laurie takes a lot of bullsh*t from f*ckers, Greg and Laurie talk about writing comedy, Laurie is not on the apps, Pat reads some humorous new app suggestions, someone on Tik Tok said Greg is boomer comedy, Greg tells Laurie about his OnlyFans, and Kane wants to know why Greg hasn't called Oprah. Also, What Does This Meme?, it's hard to do act outs on Twitter, we finally get sent a good meme, Kane reads the world's longest meme, Laurie hates "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", and Pat reads some more Real Man Quotes. A listener writes in to say that the horror movie date is Kane's best yet, Greg tells Laurie about Kane's silent date, Laurie puts an end to the date ideas, in Reddit Remix it's "An online IQ test is ruining my polyamorous relationship", and sometimes smart women like dumb guys.

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