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#27 A Whole New World w/ Jessica Lewis

10 months ago

I ran onto my friend Jessica Lewis at Maru Coffee in Los Feliz. I asked her what book she was reading and she said Gender Trouble," followed by a story about her very recent spiritual and sexual awakening. I stopped her mid story and said come on my podcast and tell me all about it. Not only is Jessica's story compelling, she exudes a cheerfulness, positivity and most importantly open mindedness that is seriously lacking in today's cultural and political landscape. This episode is along one, but worth it. It follows Jessica through her religious upbringing in the south and southwest US, years of home schooling, music school in Atlanta and the move to Los Angeles to pursue music all while struggling with questions about her sexual orientation that go against everything she has ben taught to believe her entire life. And don't worry, there is a very happy ending. Subscribe, rate and review Nick America on iTunes or listen wherever podcasts are found. Follow Jessica on Instagram: @jessicalewis.drums and let her know what you thought of the episode.

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