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Episode 248: Filthy Rich Fooks

about 5 days ago

Howdy! O'Neill starts the show out by recommending a documentary he just saw. Danish talks about some TV he's seen as of late. He also talks about a "treehouse" that is being built across from his apartment. It is really something to behold. Speaking of sights and sounds, Danish also talks about some outdoor workouts he's seen around his neighborhood. There's a much needed Gypsy Rose update! About time, journalists. About time! Then, it's the seabelt scandal that's rocking the D+O podcast! Is John Little ahead of his time with his anti-seatbelt sentiments, or is he beind the 8-ball? Ready to start heading back out to the strip clubs? Well, here an update about what a club that just reopened in Wyoming has to say about safety precautions. We close the show by speculating what stand up comedy will be like when it returns. Listen and stay safe out there, party people. Love ya. Muah. xoxoxo

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