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Episode 282: John Dillermand

about 24 hours ago

We start this one off with O'Neill talking about Japanese boxers not being allowed to have tattoos. Then, we thank some listeners for the hot new intro music they sent in. Danish talks about rumors that Chuck Norris was in DC at the Capitol recently. After that, we talk about the HBO documentary "Class Action Park". O'Neill talks about the Tiger Woods doc on Netflix as well. Then, we talk about some sad news, the passing of Jeff Scott, the long time pianist at the Comedy Store. We also talk about the passing from Hooks from Police Academy, which makes us think about an old coworker we had. Time for something uplifting! We talk about a new Danish children's show about a man with a large wiener. After spending a good amount of time (the necessary amount really), we move on and talk about Canadians calling 911 for all the wrong reasons. This convo made us reminisce about angry old women we used to have to deal with at our day job. Memories! We end with some solid GSP discourse. See for privacy information.

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