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Episode 322: Lapdance High School

about 20 days ago

Danish opens the episode describing something strange happening on his drive in to do the show. There's a Brian Holtzman update: hear what it's like to be at a comedy festival with him and what time he likes to get to the airport at for an early AM flight. O'Neill talks about Dave Chappelle's high school refusing his money to build a new theatre. After that, Danish goes into yet another bear sighting he had with the family. We talk about Naked Roast Battle, and O'Neill comes up with an idea for a revolutionary new comedy show. Then, we talk about the vodka EVERYONE is clamoring for: Arby's french fry vodka. Mmm mmm mmm. We segue into a discussion of a high school where male students gave male faculty members lapdances as a part of a pep rally. Speaking of good ideas, a celebrity wants Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding! Who is it? Why does she want him to do it? These questions and more are answered on the podcast! That leads us into talking about various celebrity wedding officiants. Then, we close talking about a podcast with one of the highest listenerships in the whole wide world. See for privacy information.

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