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Episode 303: Hasbulla-bulla

1 day ago

We start out episode 3 oh 3 by talking about the 2 oh 9's own, Nate Diaz. We discuss his most recent fight and a piece ESPN wrote about him. Then, it's a California teenager vs. a bear on a wall! Who reigns supreme? After that, we talk about how Bill Cosby refuses therapy, which would get him out of prison. Then, it's off to Russia to talk about Hasbulla, the Russian social media STAR, who also happens to own a pet monkey (and he looks like a child, despite being a teenager). Speaking of Russia, Stevie Seagal joined a Kremlin political party. He's as awesome a guy as ever! O'Neill talks about rewatching some episodes of Seagal's "reality" show, Lawman. We move from Seagal to an Austrian soldier, who got a tattoo on an unusual body part. And, it's not the nicest tattoo. In another case of man vs. beast, this time, a diver allegedly gets swallowed by a whale! We end by talking about the s-storm Chrissy Teigen has found herself in lately. And that's all she wrote! Right now, visit CREDIT KARMA DOT COM SLASH WIN MONEY to open your free account and start winning Instant Karma. See for privacy information.

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