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Episode 316: Coach Pizza Face

1 day ago

Ooooooh yeah! This week, we start off talking about the much anticipated new season of Dancing with the Stars. Who's on the cast? Who got snubbed? Tune in for details! That conversation perfectly flows into the next one like a beautifully rich red wine. Because Brian Austin Green is on the upcoming DWTS season, and his ex-wife, Megan Fox, is busy galivanting around town with rapper/actor, Machine Gun Kelly. They enjoy posting "edgy" photos. Why? Who knows? Then, the show makes history: for the first time, we hear a new defense in the case of a teacher having a relationship with a student. What is it? Weeeeeeeell, I'm not going to spoil it for you. So, stop being a lazy Susan and listen and find out some info. After that, some super intelligent Taco Bell employees make a few bad decisions that just may come back to bite them in the beeeee-hind. After that, it's the classic case of police being called because a pet chimp has broken out of its cage inside someone's home. This one gets crazy. Listener discretion is advised. After that, we give you a pretty solid reason to never go skydiving in the Stockton, CA area. That leads us into the story of a high school coach who disciplined a player in a very strange manner. We finish up with a brief convo about overly aggressive coaches. And that'll do it. Another one in the books. See for privacy information.

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