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Episode 138: Valpo Cupcake Conundrum

about 13 days ago

Yello! It's the Wrestlemania night edition of Danish and O'Neill! We start the show off by talking about the latest incident involving Connie Mac McGregor. After that, we discuss a not-so-secret pregnancy salad that Courtney tried to get this baby out of the oven. When that scintillating discussion is over, we tackle an article about some fat shaming that took place in a Valparaiso, Indiana bakery. Next, it's a job opening that MANY of you will be interested in. If you're not, you should be. Do you have any pond cleaning experience? If so, you're a shoe-in for the job. From that beautiful news piece, we head to a theme park in Orlando, Florida, where a woman has a complaint with the park's employees over what she describes as a "humiliating" experience. Then, it's time for a long awaited Y report. It's been too long! From there, it's some pre-post show post show talk (does that even make sense? it does to me, okay!). Come and get it, ya freakazoids.

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