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Shane McConkey 'All Time Sender'

about 4 days ago

Shane McConkey is a true legend, and I think the words of the dude who suggested diving into his incredible life sums up this episode best, "Yo what up my dawg strider, me and my dawgs have recently been hyping up some short term history which we feel could be addressed in a very dank manner on the pod. We are all free skiers and idolize the potential GOAT of the free-skiing community; Shane McConkey, the all time sender who may have single handedly guided the “send-mentality” of action sports. If you don’t know who this is we highly recommend dedicating your next 20 or 30 minutes to recognizing how dank this dude was. I think an ep on him could really help increase the general hype from the boys and get them fired up on having a mentality of sending it and having a good time with the squad." Sources:, ‘The Life and Death of Shane McConkey’ by Tim Sohn, John Malbeck youtube channel. ‘Shane McConkey Tribute’, ‘Shane McConkey: 11 Years Gone But Still Inspiring’ by Ryan Mulcahy,, ‘The history of skiing spans the Cro-Magnon man to the chairlift. Found out where to get closer to its roots’ by Suemedha Sood, ‘A History of Wingsuit Flight’ by Peter Cheney See for privacy information.

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