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Death, Passwords, & Raising Kids | Breaking Bread with Tom Papa #195

about 9 days ago

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Tom and Kira kick off this week’s episode by discussing the nuances of saying people's names, spotlighting Kumail Nanjiani. Kira shares a poignant yet amusing story about a sad dream, weaving in her fantasy of faking a gig and the comfort found in coffees. The conversation takes a deeper turn into themes of death and the digital legacy of passwords, lightened by Kira's riff on Only Fans and Tom's ASMR ventures. Russian superstitions and Tom's wife's OCD quirks bring a cultural and personal flavor to the mix, segueing into heartwarming tales of Kira's kids in "Wizard of Oz" & "Oliver," and the ups and downs of raising kids, complemented by lighter notes on Mike’s nuts and Tom’s Led Zeppelin shirt when he was a boy. Clothing and jeans serve as a metaphor for life's fits and misfits, punctuated by Tom's hilarious Jiminy Glick story. Revisiting death and funeral arrangements, they candidly discuss the practicalities of wills, funeral costs, and organ donation, offering a grounded perspective on life's inevitable end. But really, how many dead bodies are there on planes?

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