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6 months ago

Sadly the day has come. The final episode of Allegedly Podcast. In this heartfelt goodbye, Theo Von and Matthew Weiss dive into everything that has changed since the beginning of the show three years ago. They deconstruct the shows best guests, worst guests, who almost made it to the show and the biggest question of all is answered! Who won the entire podcast!? The final count is announced! Tune in one last time to find out who wins! Goodbye and thank YOU, the fans!

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Romesh Ranganathan


The dopest math teacher this side of England Romesh Ranganathan is crashing Allegedly! The British comedian stops by to discuss his new show Just Another Immigrant premiering on Showtime! Romesh tells us what it’s like to film your family in a new country, auditioning for The Martian, Kanye West’s new...
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Jake Johnson


Jake Johnson from the new movie TAG and also known as Nick Miller on NEW GIRL has come to Allegedly! Jake brings the goods on this episode as he and Matt bond over their love of poker. Jake also talks about being in a star-studded film and how that helps...
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Daniel Bruhl


The Funniest Guy in Germany has come to Allegedly! Daniel Bruhl breaks down the life of a european actor that landed some major roles in America! Daniel talks about meeting Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, acting in different languages and owning his own tapas bar for watching Spanish Soccer and...
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Chris Pontius


The Partyboy himself Chris Pontius has come to Allegedly to talk about his new movie Action Point dubbed by Chris as the “badass movie that the world needs.” We also get stories from Wild Boyz, Jackass and setting a hotel on fire! Also Theo talks about the wildness of Africa...
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Trevor Moore


The greatest guy has come! Trevor Moore of The Whitest Kids You Know and his own comedy special “Story of Our Times” has landed in Allegedly to discuss his newly released stand up special about a wondering mind of a man dragged to brunch…we’ve been there. Trevor also breaks down...
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Robert Patrick


The terminator killer has come! CBS’s Scorpion star Robert Patrick has rolled his way on to the Allegedly Podcast explaining his “rat” truck, how he got the nickname “ripper” and how he found out that Elon Musk is a big time Terminator fan! Also Matt and Theo share a newly...
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Jim Sturgess


The “Pale Skin Detroit Voldemort” star of Hard Sun on Hulu, Jim Sturgess has crossed the pond and landed at Allegedly! This British lad breaks down the Hard Sun plot of pre-apocalyptic mayhem and how that would work in the real world…would you selfie the destruction of earth? Also Jim...
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Jon Huertas


This is Jon. Jon Huertas of NBC’s smash show This Is Us brings his “Denzel” cool to Allegedly talkin secrets from the show, crazy fans, feet? Yikes! and how a revival of Sabrina The Teenage Witch would be very different the second time around! Also Theo and Matt settle an...
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Tom Payne


Jesus has arrived! Walking Dead star Tom Payne has come to Allegedly to discuss fan questions about Carl, alternative storylines, Jesus’s romances and how the death dinner works for the actors! Matt talks about meeting Brad Pitt in the bathroom and Anthony the Intern steps in for Theo, see if...
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Bruce Campbell


Shut up and do your work! A true throwback has arrived at Allegedly! Horror legend Bruce Campbell dawning a grey suit and pocket square tells it like it is…or should be. This chainsaw cutting leading man brings his unshakeable confidence and film making experience to Allegedly, talking Ash vs Evil...
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