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Episode 29: (Tom Bergeron) Dancing in the Bars

8 months ago

The guys take a trip out to Calabasas to meet up with TV hosting legend Tom Bergeron at Pedalers Fork! It turns out Tom isn't much into dancing, but he sure sells it well on DWTS! Tom opens up about the hit show, including stories about Tonya Harding, Emmitt Smith, and some of his favorite contestants through the years. Also, sex in traffic, Tom saving a woman's life, William Shatner's aggressive driving, and Greg has a close bathroom call while Kirk enjoys going in his pants...

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Episode 28: SOLO (Cup)


The guys return to Scum and Villainy Cantina, the not-at-all Star Wars cantina-themed bar that definitely reminds everybody of the Star Wars cantina! They bring on the creative owner of the bar and director/ filmmaker JC Reifenberg and his new wife (who also is the designer of the bar) to...
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Episode 27: Scum and Villainy


The guys take their first trip to a bar that doesn't have Greg's name signed to it in this very special episode! From Scum and Villainy Cantina on Hollywood Blvd, this absolutely-definitely-positively not Star Wars bar that looks pretty damn reminiscent of the cantina in Star Wars brings some rather...
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Episode 26: (Brad Savage) Why Are We Talking About This?


Ladies and gentlemen, Kirk Fox is not in attendance today because his wife and him are expecting their first child! This is very exciting for us, so in honor of this special occasion, we brought in actor and Greg's life / business partner Brad Savage (Red Dawn, Apple Dumpling Gang...
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Episode 25: (Curtis Armstrong) A Bar Full of Nerds


The guys welcome superstar actor nerd Curtis Armstrong to the bar! This is not Gilbert Gottfried, just a guy that was frequently confused for him early in his career for some reason. They discuss all of Curtis' huge movies including Risky Business and Revenge of the Nerds, audio books, Greg...
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Episode 24: (Derek Theler) Who's Your Baby Daddy?


The guys welcome actor Derek Theler to the bar! Star of the hit comedy sitcom Baby Daddy, this 6'7" ripped chick magnet of an actor joins the podcast to tease all the things that he isn't allowed to talk about! His upcoming series with Marvel (shhhh), his new web series...
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Episode 23: (David Anders) Get a Job...


Greg and Nick welcome actor and musician David Anders to the second week of LIVE FROM BLUE MICROPHONES STUDIOS! David followed Greg in both Alias and Heroes, but his talents have carried him all the way to this podcast! Don't tell his publicist. David is a master of accents, British...
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Episode 22: (Nick Thune) Willy Nilly


The guys take a field trip to the Blue Microphones studios in Westlake, CA and bring in comedian Nick Thune! Nick started a charity golf event for his son's eczema, Greg needs a support group to stop him from getting political, comparisons of "Paterno" and "Dirk Diggler", Nick's old friend...
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Episode 21: (Phil Lamarr) First Impressions


The guys welcome actor and voiceover mega-star Phil Lamarr to the bar! From the original cast of Mad TV, Marvin from Pulp Fiction, and now the voice of cartoon characters that include Futurama's Hermes Conrad, Family Guy's Ollie Williams and Judge, Samurai Jack, and so many more, this impressionable episode...
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Episode 20: (Jay Abdo and Fadia Afashe) Hunger Strike


On this very special episode of An Actor, a Comedian and a Musician Walk Into a Bar, the guys welcome actor Jay Abdo and his wife Fadia Afashe for a more serious and VERY important podcast. Jay and Fadia were a famous and successful couple in their native country of...
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Episode 19: (Chris Harrison) Rose Ceremony


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