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The Goal of the Latest Mars Landing with Scientist Firouz Naderi

about 3 days ago

This week we're joined by scientist, engineer and human rights activist Firouz Naderi who talks to us about the latest Mars landing, why everyone needs to be involved in politics no matter what field they’re in and whether Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or NASA will be the first to get humans to Mars. See for privacy information.

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Finding Love in a Pandemic with Matchmakers Jessica Fass and Daniella Bloom


This week, we're joined by Matchmakers Daniella Bloom and Jessica Fass who teach us how to find our soulmates during a global pandemic, why the lockdown is actually the best and cheapest time to date, and the importance of taking a bath before a Zoom date!
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Inside the Trump Administration with Michael Cohen


This week, Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer and author of the book Disloyal, talks to us about prison reform, why Trumpism is a cult, and how you should always listen to your grandmother, but sometimes it will land you in jail!
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Building a Luxury Car Brand with Ferris Rezvani


This week, we're joined by Ferris Rezvani, car designer and founder of Rezvani Motors, who tells us about his amazing tank-inspired cars, that you should always pursue your dreams no matter how far-reaching they are, and how even when you find success, your teenage son will still be embarrassed of...
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How to be a Successful Entrepreneur with Divya Gugnani, Co-founder of Wander Beauty


This week, we're joined by Divya Gugnani, entrepreneur and co-founder of Wander Beauty, who talks to us about what it takes to start a successful business, how you have to keep moving forward with your ideas, and that in life, it's not about human being, it's about human doing!
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How Can We Make the Democratic Party Better? with Rep. Anna Eskamani


This week, we're joined by Representative Anna Eskamani, the first Iranian-American Representative in Florida, who talks to us about what inspired her to get into politics, how we have to come together as a family to overcome loss, and how your parents really just want you to get a job!
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What's It Like Being a Rap Legend? With Willie D of The Geto Boys


This week, we're joined by special guest Willie D from The Geto Boys who talks to us about his iconic career in Hip Hop, the importance of getting involved and making a difference instead of just complaining, and how you have to love your kids before they're born.
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How Do We Teach Kids About Racism? with Daniel Frio


This week, we're joined by teacher and author Daniel Frio who talks to us about his controversial book Classroom Voices on Education and Race, why we should be listening more to kids, and that when it comes to racism, slow motion is better than no motion!
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What Astrology Can Teach Us About American Politics with Jessica Lanyadoo


This week, we’re joined by Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo who talks to us about her book, Astrology for Real Relationships, how astrology can predict political revolutions, and why now is not the right time to put a pool in your house!
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Maz and Tehran Talk About Being Comedians in the Era of Trump and the Elections


Maz and Tehran discuss what life has been like for comedians the past 3 1/2 years under Trump, how some Iranians get upset at them for telling Trump jokes and how Maz is going to be drunk on election night.
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Running for LA City Council and Solving the Homeless Crises with Nithya Raman


This week, we’re joined by candidate for LA city council Nithya Raman who talks to us about her progressive platform, the importance of getting involved in local politics, and how to compassionately address the homelessness crisis!
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