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#269 - LeeAnn Kreischer & ME

about 5 days ago

My wife LeeAnn and I sit down in the man cave and talk about the Aziz scandal, The me too movement, and Ari Shaffir getting kicked off twitter. 


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#268 - Tom Segura, Ari Shaffir, & ME


Tom Segura, Ari Shaffir, and I sit down in Atlanta at Ari's Air Bnb to talk about the game, Ari smuggling weed, and Dave Chappelle. For all of Ari Shaffir's Tour dates go to Tom Segura's brand new special "Disgraceful" comes to netflix January 12th go to for...
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#267 - Kelsey Cook, Taylor Tomlinson, Delanie Fischer, & ME


I sit down in the mancave with the girls of the "Self-Helpless" Podcast Kelsey Cook, Taylor Tomlinson and Delanie Fischer to talk about the me too movement, writing comedy, and sex stories. Check out their podcast "Self-Helpless" on iTunes or online at To get your custom mug google "Dicks...
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#266 - Bret Ernst & ME


I sit down in the mancave with Bret Ernst to have some drinks and talk about what it was like for Bret to work with Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio. We talk about growing up in Florida, fight stories, and how Bret filmed and released his own special. Go to...
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#265 - Tom Clark & ME


I sit down with Tom Clark in the mancave and talk about Toms dad fighting in WW2, The time Tom auditioned for last comic standing, dating stories, Making and releasing his own special, and what it was like to spend the night at Johnny Depps. Order Tom Clarks special "Outraged"...
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#264 - Sam Tripoli & ME


I sit down in the mancave with Sam Tripoli and talk about having friends in comedy, conspiracy theories, the time I went to a gun range in east LA, and the dark days of the comedy store. Check out Sam on the road with the "Social Justice Warriors" tour at...
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#263 - Doug Stanhope & ME


I sit down with Doug Stanhope at Johnny Depp's house and talk about Doug's new book, Johnny Depp, The comedy world, and that time I pranked Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh. You can order Doug Stanhope's book "This is not fame: A from what I rememoir" that is out now...
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#262 - Jair Rodriguez, LeeAnn Kreischer, & ME


My wife LeeAnn and I sit down with behavior analyst Jair Rodriguez to talk about our behavior assessment test results. We go into great detail about what makes us act the way we do. I highly recommend doing this for anyone who wants to learn more about who they are...
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#261 - John Henson & ME


John Henson and I hang out in the mancave and talk about what it was like to host Wipeout, starting comedy, Talk soup, writing on shows, and wether or not people got hurt on Wipeout. To donate to Georgia, Gabby, and Tatum’s goal of installing refillable water bottle stations in...
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#260 - Greg Behrendt & ME


Greg and I sit down in the mancave and talk about comedy in the 90's, The time Greg met Nas, what it was like for Greg to write the hit book "He's just not that into you", Our thoughts on Louis C.K, and more! Follow Greg on twitter at @GregoryBehrendt...
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#259 - Wheeler Walker Jr, LeeAnn Kreischer & ME


Wheeler Walker Jr, LeeAnn Kreischer, and I hang out in the mancave to talk about Country music legends, taking naked pictures, and Wheeler going against the grain in the music industry. We also get a special performance of two songs "Drunk Sluts" and "Pictures on my phone" by Wheeler Walker...
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