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Final Episode: Bob Saget's Here For You | Margaret Cho

over 2 years ago

Margaret Cho is an American stand-up comedian, actress, musician, fashion designer, and author. She is a proud Korean American who from her beginnings has discussed social and political problems, often regarding race and sexuality. I met Margaret years back in San Francisco and it was immediately clear to me that she was one special stand-up. Margaret is an actual legend. She has always been an advocate for the Asian community, the LGBTQ+ community, and basically all good humans. Margaret is a strong, loving, and charming person. This makes her performance skills as a comedian and actress even more accessible and wonderful. She has many great acting projects coming up. This week, on January 14th, she stars along with Paris Jackson in the premiere of the Hulu movie "Sex Appeal". She’ll also be guest starring in "The Flight Attendant," for three episodes, which stars Kaley Cuoco & Rosie Perez. (Damn, I love that show.) She’s also going to be seen co-starring in Hulu's movie, "Fire Island" with Bowen Yang & Joel Kim Booster later in the summer of 2022. Her stand-up career is also stronger than ever—You owe it to yourself to see her on tour—And she has some really cool significant dates coming up soon, like playing The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on May 6 and The Greek Theatre on May 7th as part of the Netflix Is a Joke Comedy Festival. Margaret has such a unique voice and has been a strong personal influence in the careers of Ken Jeong and Bowen Yang. After listening to this, you’ll feel the same way I do… You want to be friends with the extraordinary and legendary Margaret Cho. Website: Twitter: @margaretcho Instagram: @margaret_cho Facebook: @officialmargaretcho YouTube: @margaretchoofficial TikTok: @themargaretcho Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code SAGET20 at Listen to Bob Saget’s Here For You now: ​ Listen Anywhere! Apple Podcasts: ​ Spotify: ​ Stitcher: ​ Google: ​ Follo​w Bob Saget: Official Website: ​ Facebook: ​ Instagram: ​ Twitter: ​ Snapchat: ​ TikTok: ​ About the Podcast: BOB SAGET’S HERE FOR YOU is a podcast that is like no other— Because it goes inside Bob Saget’s mind, and then quickly filters out through his mouth. Bob has a way of calming people with genuine empathy and humor while they’re going through a difficult time, which we all are at present. Reaching his unusually diverse audience that he talks to as a friend, Bob is the dad with great advice, the irreverent funny guy who’s always there when you need a laugh, and the free-associative Bob who goes off on crazy tangents then returns to the subject at hand, as serious or as comedic as it may be, to wrap up each episode in a way only Bob can do. Because he really does believe, “He’s here for you." #BobSaget #BobSagetsHereForYou #Podcast #ATC #AllThingsComedy #B.J.Novak See for privacy information.

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