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The Final Festival Of Sports/Friendship

over 5 years ago

This is the final episode of Brody Stevens Festival Of Sports/Friendship. Eric Oligny hosts as dozens of comedians and friends pay tribute to Steven Brody Stevens (1970-2019). Thank you for listening.

Other Episodes

Episode 68 - Don Barris, Rose Lleshi, & Mark Ellis


Brody is joined by comic/kindred spirit Don Barris and bartender/podcasters Rose Lleshi to talk about pre-podding/swapcasting, We Three Trolls, the Ding Dong Show (since 1992), The Comedy Store, baseball nerddom, Mark Ellis also stops by, crowded open mics, serving, Albania, Boon Shakalaka, and ghosts. This is unfortunately the last episode...
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Episode 63 - Jason Collings, Vinny Fasline, & Mary Stevens


Brody is joined by comics Jason Collings, Vinny Fasline, and Mary Stevens to pre-pod, Vinny is not the bad guy, making it right, hosting, moving to L.A., Socially Awkward, booking shows, getting your steps, and we play The Baseball Card Game. Enjoy it!
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Episode 62 - Jeff Scott & Feng Chao


Brody is joined by Comedy Store pianist and archivist Jeff Scott and comedian Feng Chao to talk about how they came to The Comedy Store, improvisation, Judd Apatow and Louis CK, the easily offended, China, and a little echo chamber. Enjoy it!
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Episode 61 - Josh Adam Meyers & Jeremiah Watkins


Brody is joined by comics Josh Adam Meyers (Goddamn Comedy Jam) and Jeremiah Watkins (Roast Battle) to talk about vaping, sound FX theater, Canter's Deli, a sack-tapping heckler, pickles, clapping, nutrition, positivity, and we play The Baseball Card Game. Enjoy it!
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Episode 60 - Brian Moses & Tehran


Brody is joined by comics Brian Moses & Tehran to talk about pre-podding, friction, meth towns, humility, drugs, elders, positivity, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," Thanksgiving at the Laugh Factory, and we play The Baseball Card Game. Enjoy it!
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Episode 59 - Steve Rannazzisi & Dan Madonia


Brody is joined by comics Steve Rannazzisi (host of ATC podcasts What's The Odds? & Hear Me This Book) and Dan Madonia to talk about pre-podding, focus issues, Joe Rogan, scratching and clawing, getting angry, bullying, anti-semitism, echo chamber, and we play The Baseball Card Game. Enjoy it!
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Episode 58 - Ariel Kashanchi & Erin Darling


Brody is joined by comedians/podcasters Ariel Kashanchi and Erin Darling of Ghosted Hunters to talk about ghosting, the valley, Judaism, and diversity. Enjoy it!
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Episode 57 - Sam Tripoli & Eddie Pepitone


Brody is joined by comedians/ATC podcasters Sam Tripoli (Punch Drunk Sports & Tin Foil Hat) and Eddie Pepitone (Pep Talks) to talk about flat Earth, porno, pharmaceuticals, vulnerability on stage, censorship, late night spots at The Store, exercise, we play echo chamber, and sound FX theater. Enjoy it!
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Episode 56 - Benji Aflalo & Mat Edgar


Brody talks welcomes comics Benji Aflalo and Mat Edgar into the studio to talk about evolving, anti-semitic comedy rooms, bots, fighting, we take a call from Bobby Miyamoto, and we play The Baseball Card Game. Enjoy it!
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Episode 55: Earl Skakel & Tony Hinchcliffe


Brody is joined by comics/podcasters Earl Skakel (Inappropriate Earl) and Tony Hinchcliffe (Kill Tony & Store Horsemen). We play The Baseball Card Game and Sound FX theater, have no fear. Eric Oligny is also in studio. Enjoy it!
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