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Episode 10 - Ryan Donah (TJ Jagodowski)

5 months ago

The gents are joined by Ryan Donah (TJ Jagodowski: Stranger Than Fiction, TJ and Dave), who breaks down “who’s in bed with whom as far as these hotel toiletry suppliers go.” The gang also discusses all potential diseases that can crop up in a hotel goldfish as well as the band Sublime.

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Episode 9 - Judy the Jeweler (Mary Sohn)


Judy the Jeweler (Mary Sohn: AP Bio, The Neighborhood) joins Trey and Goldie to talk trade shows, the engineering behind compression socks and a speed round of ‘Best food at American airport restaurants.’
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Episode 8 - Jeb (Carmen Christopher)


Trey and Goldie are joined by laminate countertop salesman, Jeb (Carmen Christopher: The Bear, Killing It), who proves to be quite the road dog. Trey also tries to come clean to Goldie about a time he may have been unfaithful to Goldie’s sister.
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Episode 7 - Pam (Shelly Gossman)


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Episode 6 - Carolaine (Jaime Moyer)


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Episode 3 - Charlotte aka Charl (Jet Eveleth)


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Episode 2 - Marty Ahern (Matt Walsh)


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Episode 1 - Clarem (Vanessa Bayer)


Clarem (Vanessa Bayer: SNL, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson) is on the show to talk about the world of selling bags and the difference between a purse, a tote, and a weekender. Bonus: The proper pronunciation of the popular app, “Pinterest.”
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Business Trips


Dive into the uproarious world of business travel with Trey (Mike O'Brien) and Goldy (Brad Morris) as they host eclectic guests sharing their wildest road stories and savvy travel hacks in this improvised comedy podcast.
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