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Ep. 62 - Strider Joins, Cardi B, Operation Varsity Blues

about 4 days ago

What up stoke naysh, in this dank episode we're joined once again by our dawg, Strider, who lays down some dank wisdom and fire relaysh advice. We dive into an article about Cardi B, the recent college admission scandal, and just have an epic time as usual. Dive on in for a rise in stoke!

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Other Episodes

Ep. 61 - Uncle Joe Returns, Socks, Spring Break


What up stokers, in episode 61, Uncle Joe returns to lay down the hammer with both his mind and huge dong. We discuss all things MTV, what makes socks dorky, JT's wild night, and much more. Dive on in! For Chad Goes Deep t shirts, check out
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Ep. 60 - Alex Jones on Joe Rogan, Feeling Blue, The Rock


What up stoke nation, in this episode we dissect the Alex Jones/Joe Rogan episode, discuss the Rock's fire charisma, how we overcome times when we're down and how much we love busyness. Dive on in, stokers for a wild ass ride. Jabwow. For Going Deep tees, check out: Check...
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Ep. 59 - Johnny Mitch Joins, New Book, Prison Time


In episode 59, Johnny Mitchell joins us to tell us about his former life as a drug dealer in Oregon and his one and half year stint in prison. He has a book coming out soon detailing his entire experience. Be on the look out for it! Check him out...
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Ep. 58 - Strider/Joe, World's First Beer, Body Scrubs


What up stokers, in episode 58, we welcome Strider and Joe back to celebrate a fire V day. Strider dives into his plans and describes his body scrub experience. We discuss Justin Bieber and Hayley Bieber not boning before marriage and dive deep into the quesh's. Check it out m'dawgs...
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Ep. 57 - Big Time Raging, Primal Nature, Valentine's Day


What up stokers, in this episode we dive deep into our raging over the weekend, exploring the ice baths and tapping into our primal nature with Troy, our plans for V-day, and the grammys. Dive in, stokers. Check out our patreon:
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Ep. 56 - Alex Bregman Joins, Baseball, Squads


What up stokers, we're beyond stoked to have Alex Bregman from the Houston Astros join us for this pod! We dive into how he preps for a game, some thoughts on baseball in general, and life with his squad. Dive in, stokers! Check out our patreon:
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Ep. 55 - Genetic Engineering, Breathing, Bears


What up stokers, in this episode, we dive deep into Chad's morning routine, the debate around genetic engineering, a young kid's friendship with a bear, and tough guy talk returns! Check it out. Sponsored by cbdMD: Promo Code: GoingDeep20 For bonus content, check out our patreon:
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Ep. 54 - Strider/Joe, Golf, and a little Dong Talk


The whole gang gathers round to discuss sports, everything Arnold, how to make golf fun, and, as always, dong size. Dive on in for some good vibes! This episode is sponsored by cbdMD: Promo Code: GoingDeep20 Check out our patreon:
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Ep. 53 - Miami, Stomach Flu, Gillette


What up stokers, in episode 53, the boys dive straight into their recent trip to Miami, the virus that affected the whole squad, discuss some of the most stressed cities in America and dive into the controversial Gillette commercial. Dive in for some good vibes. Sponsored by our dawgs at...
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Ep. 53 - Miami, Stomach Flu Gillette


What up stokers, episode 53 comes in hot with some hot discush on the boys' recent trip to Miami, the illness that struck their squad and tummies, the controversial Gillette commercial, and they cover the most stressed cities in the US. Check it out! Sponsored by our dawgs at cbdMD...
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