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#418 Summer Reading

over 3 years ago

Time to thank you for supporting the Your Dad Stole My Rake! Another great week and we have a very happy landing! All before Paul heads to Iraq

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Time to bring the book to the people. Get your copy of Your Dad Stole My Rake today! So I can go back home!
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The book is finally here!


Time to talk about the book! It's here. For you!
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#415 Your Dad Is About To Steal My Rake


Time to talk about the winding road through Cleveland on the way to the big book release.
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Time to talk about seeing clearly and honoring Philip Roth.
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#413 Live From The Village Underground


Live from the Village Underground with Chris Destefano, Mike Yard, Judy Gold, Dave Juskow, Rick Crom and Stavros Halkius.
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#412 - Paul's Princess


Time to talk about finding a princess for Paul or at least some pizza.
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#411 Echo Chamber


Time to Try, try, and try again.
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#411 Going Crazy


Time to talk about crazy people in crazy apartments trying not to go crazy.
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#410 Ground Control To...


Time to talk about Spooky Hotels and A Scary Comedian.
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Time to talk about the long road home.
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