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Episode 145 - Colin Quinn

7 months ago

Colin Quinn hates sourdough bread but we we love his new show Small Talk coming to the Greenwich Theater in NYC. FYI he's never had MY sourdough.

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Episode 136 - Come To Papa Xmas


It's a Christmas miracle! It's a star-studded celebration recorded live 12/6/21.
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Episode 135 - Stavros Halkias


Tom did it all for the cookies and Stavros Halkias.
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Episode 134 - Maeve Higgins Returns


No one makes me laugh harder than Maeve Higgins. I brought her a sandwich and she brought me rat stories. Watch her new special A Very Special Woman.
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Episode 133 - Byron Bowers


Byron Bowers gets a special bread for his new Hulu standup special "Spiritual Ni**a."
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Episode 132 - Joey Diaz Returns


My good pal Joey Diaz is coming in like a gravy covered Thanksgiving Day Parade.
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Episode 131 - Neal Brennan


Neal Brennan invites us to his gigantic, messy family table. Check out his new standup special Blocks on Netflix.
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Episode 130 - Anthony Jeselnik


The secret fuel to Anthony Jeselnik's great jokes just might be his mother's tacos.
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Episode 129 - Nimesh Patel


It’s time for the always funny, somewhat spicy Nimesh Patel.
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Episode 128 - Tommy Johnagin


I use bread to lure the hilarious Tommy Johnagin back to the road.
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Episode 127 - Morgan James


I traveled to New York to spend some time with the beautiful and talented Morgan James.
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