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Ep 399 - Lady Bird - Mark Ellis

1 day ago

*FILMS DISCUSSED: LADY BRYD, SHAPE OF WATER, I TONYA, READY PLAYER ONE, JURASSIC WORLD 2, STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Mark Ellis into the ATC bunker. All three liked Lady Bryd and were shocked Greta Gerwin didn't get a Golden Globe nomination. Mark thinks Shape of Water is a solid film. I Tonya has good performances. Jurassic 2 trailer is good! New Ready Player One trailer shows more of what already looks awesome. Mark has already seen Last Jedi and gets us all excited!

Other Episodes

Ep 398 - The Disaster Artist - Leah Mansfield


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DISASTER ARTIST, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, MUDBOUND, WONDER* Graham and Chris welcome Leah Mansfield into the ATC HQ. Chris and Graham really liked Disaster Artist. Leah enjoyed Call Me By Your Name. Chris wanted Mudbound to get to the point. Graham was pleased with Wonder. Good trailers...
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Spoiler Ep 70 - The Disaster Artist - Rosie Tran


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham And Chris talk about The Disaster Artist with Rosie Tran.
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Spoiler Ep 69 - Justice League


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING*. Chris and Graham break down what they liked and didn't like about Justice League. 
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Ep 397 - Justice League - Brenton Biddlecombe


*FILMS DISCUSSED: JUSTICE LEAGUE, JIM & ANDY, ROMAN J. ISRAEL, BULLET HEAD, RAMPAGE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Brenton Biddlecombe. In addition to doing social media for ATC and the Comedy Store, Brenton is a stand-up comic. Brenton like JL better than Chris and Graham. Graham and Brenton...
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ATC Fest Live From Phoenix


Graham and Chris welcome filmmaker and comic Mike Young. Mike and Graham talk about the scams they ran as college kids. Mike tells us about the films he's directed. Chris and Graham talk about movies that slipped through the cracks.
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Ep 395 - Murder On The Orient Express - Esther Ku


*Films Discussed: Murder On The Orient Express, Secret Life Of Lance Letscher, What Happened To Monday, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Greatest Showman, The Post* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Esther Ku. Chris was not impressed with Murder On The Orient Express. Esther liked the doc Secret...
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Spoiler Ep 68 - Thor: Ragnarok - Jackie Kashian


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome Jackie Kashian to talk Thor and the whole Marvel universe. 
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Ep 394 - Thor: Ragnarok - Kurt Long


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THOR RAGNAROK, SUBURBICON, I TONYA, DOWNSIZING* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Kurt Long. All three liked Thor a lot. Graham found Suburbicon to be uneven. I Tonya looks great. New Downsizing trailer makes the film seem more interesting. Big list of DVD/VOD releases which makes the...
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Ep 393 - Cult Of Chucky - Matt Weinhold


*FILMS DISCUSSED: CULT OF CHUCKY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, MUDBOUND, WINCHESTER, THE DARK TOWNER, KIDNAP* Chris and Graham welcome back Matt Weinhold. Chris and Matt liked Cult of Chucky. Graham thinks Thank You For Your Service should be seen. Mudbound looks good while Winchester is a mess. This episode...
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EP 392 - Marshall - Erin Foley


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN, GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, MARSHALL, PHANTOM THREAD, JOURNEY'S END* Chris and Graham welcome back Erin Foley to talk movies and WNBA. Erin liked Professor Marston, Chris thinks Goodby Christopher Robin will get some Oscar noms. Graham found Marshall to be too cliche. All...
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