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Ep 409 - Oscar Wrap Up - Mike Schmidt

over 3 years ago

Mike Schmidt is here talking about the 2018 Oscars. 

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*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING!*. Tom Clark is here to talk about why he didn't like Downsizing. Chris agrees with him while Graham did not. 
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*FILMS DISCUSSED: DOWNSIZING, COCO, I:TONYA, JUMANJI, PADDINGTON 2, BRIGHT* Happy New Year! Graham and Chris kinda split on Downsizing. Chris really liked Coco. Graham found I, Tonya enjoyable. Chris was surprised by Jumanji. Graham has no idea why Chris is excited about Paddington 2. Both guys are bewildered by Bright...
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Graham and Chris want to thank everyone involved in making Comedy Film Nerds happen! You are all wonderful! Happy Holidays and remember that HAN SHOT FIRST!!  Let's make 2018 fantastic!
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ATC Fest Live From Phoenix


Graham and Chris welcome filmmaker and comic Mike Young. Mike and Graham talk about the scams they ran as college kids. Mike tells us about the films he's directed. Chris and Graham talk about movies that slipped through the cracks.
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