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My Brows Are Back

7 months ago

A risky not to mention impromptu eyebrow threading, a bedazzled Jesus loves you hat...all whilst on the precipice of the impending shift that is daylight saving(s) time. Go ahead and put away the games because episode 106 did not come to play.

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Rainy Days/ Nordstrom Nights


My journalism skills continue to flourish, this time in the presence of a Blue Mercury employee amidst a power outage. Rain, toothpaste, a forgotten artichoke, there's really only one place to get all of this, and it just happens to be right here... in episode 105. Feel free to use...
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The Maze Wasn't Meant For You


Vibrating restaurant holders, a perplexing addition to Mendocino Farms, allergies, recounting a past voyage to San Diego, a profound take on Rihanna's halftime performance... incredible that after all that I still have the strength to whip up this description. Feel free to use my code COMPOSED20 for up to 56%...
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A Lentil Dish Gone Awry


Weekday piñatas, iCloud storage or rather lack thereof, and a devastating lentil dish all whilst reeling from hosting a yard sale plus bracing for Rihanna's half time performance. It truly does go one by one even two by two.
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NCIS Hawaii Etc.


Powered by the fuel of a life changing Mendocino's salad, Chase finds the energy to take illuminating stances on topics such as: Sunday parking meters, The Grammy's, CBS (the channel), and lest we forget robes.
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Crock Pot To Go Etc.


A gifted Crock Pot has me questioning everything, I'm borderline too enlightened, plus a Disney World story I never asked for. All this plus more, made possible by episode 101's official sponsor- Magic Mind. Feel free to use my code COMPOSED20 for up to 56% off your first subscription at...
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Lunch Break In Malibu Etc.


It's episode 100 and I have a meeting in Malibu. Shoutout to everyone on this journey with me.
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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Etc.


Taking two slices of cake through airport security, opting out, Duolingo, in flight edibles... the captain aka me has actually turned off the seatbelt sign because this ride is going to be smooth as all hell.
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Slurpee Situation Etc.


Amongst other things, the new year ushers in episode 98. A planner update, baked goods from a seaside town, as well as extensive umbrella diatribe are all on the table. Speaking of tables, yours is ready. Have a seat, take a load off.
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Staples Has Entered The Chat


A planner debacle, a signature nail, in the midst of the holiday season no less.
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What's Happening Now


The unfurling of my vine (not a metaphor) trapped in my garage (also not a metaphor) mayhem in the Von's parking lot (not that you thought it was but just to be clear, not a metaphor) all this plus setting the table for 2023. Let's dine.
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