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8 months ago

Dolphins, jellyfish, a guitar interlude for the ages plus the Denver Nuggets are NBA champions ergo, I'm an NBA champion... feels right.

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My Mom And Her Friend Kim's Yard Sale Etc.


A not so kind tirade against Kind bars, my mom and her friend Kim's yard sale, a benefit, an underwater related news story plus a shocking confession.
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Stormy Seas


An update on my flags plus grappling with the identity of summer 2023.
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Happy Birthday Jerry


Snakes, flags, french toast, Jerry, stepping down into a shower... a memorial day weekend for the ages.
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Saxophone Cold Open


Dinner places that don't take reservations, a room temperature soup situation plus Darwinism.
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Would You Like A Mai Tai


Episode 115 descends upon us like a foreign exchange student transferring mid semester, where from... we don't know. What we do know is that much like the Golden State Warriors, the dynasty of my go to Zara heels has ended, there's a new bronzing mist in my life, and I...
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Strike Three At Sprouts


I'm back from Palm Springs and I might, emphasis on MIGHT, find the strength to make a homemade lip scrub. The NBA playoffs have me thinking, all this plus hummingbirds.
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My Hat From London


All's quiet on the Western front, but on the Eastern front? May(hem). A trip to The Magic Castle, a bloc party, and the post office take place. The predominately white with black patches neighborhood cat and my bucket hat from London have reappeared. Plus a relatable packing mistake.
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Salmon Stripe Etc.


If you ever want to spiral into a sea of unwavering darkness, be sure to rent a silver Toyota Carola (year unknown but I'm sure it was a hellish one) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Van Nuys. Only then will you understand the demonic trance that took me for most of...
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Post Easter Rage


Fueled by several granola bars and recorded at my dad's house, episode 111 covers an impressive amount of ground in the form of a solo shrimp taco experience in Malibu as well as a situation at an Enterprise Rent A Car. If that doesn't peak your interest, not sure what will.
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A Dense Pack of Cyclists


It's episode 110 and we find ourselves downtown surrounded by cyclists and one way streets (not a metaphor). A passage is read, a saxophone break is taken, a brief expose on an amazon gift card gone wrong is held. How all of this fits into 40 minutes is something scientists...
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