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Classic Nightmare

4 months ago

This week's installment was recorded with extra eyelashes from my sister's wedding, a place where my mom lost an earring... or did she? All this plus, doing things poolside, nightmares and corn pancakes. Honestly unreal I'm still recording episodes.

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A London Fog Update


Absolutely needed to be said.
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Live From My Dad's Gazebo


Recording episode 134 from the depths of my dad's gazebo, sans my glass coffee table (you'll understand soon enough) was not for the faint of heart. Then again neither were the topics touched upon: an excruciating post office experience, surprise parties plus a recounted Trader Joe's interaction that will leave...
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Disneyland: The Hero's Journey


Plus the emotional rollercoaster of meeting Bill Simmon's during the peak hours of the Lions Gate portal. Uni Body Serum Code: CHASEBERNSTEIN
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Sugartooth Etc.


Recorded in a red cashmere sweater and driven by the momentum of rising in the ranks of Duo Lingo's obsidian league, episode 132 has arrived. Suitcase regrets, bracing for Disneyland, plus a shocking live reaction that will shake you to your very core. Grab some headphones, lay down in a...
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100 Days Etc.


There's 100 days left in the year and what's not on the agenda is being scammed by someone named Tomothy, brown butter lattes or hand sand art. What is on the agenda? Books, ballet and channeling the Denver Nuggets tenacity vs. the Golden State Warriors in the Monte Morris buzzer...
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Happy Memorial Day


A harrowing recap of my In N Out employment journey, a nutless Rocky Road (not a metaphor) plus one of the most unsatisfying meals of my life and the age old question; Who is Desiree? All will be revealed in episode 130. Jolie Shower head code:
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Harvard School Of Law


Zebra print, August, downloading the Jamba Juice app, what more you could want from episode 129 I'm not sure. Link for Jolie Shower head: Video episode
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The Storm The Storm The Storm


A tropical storm ushers in heavy rain as well as episode 128, and the topics are pouring in in the form of: The case for smaller museums, a top 5 waiter, rehashing the Naked juice scandal, and getting dressed. A poncho won't save you now.
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Post Taylor Swift/ Bulgarian Yogurt Update Etc.


It's the three year anniversary of the podcast and confessions are made. Many questioned whether I'd make it this far, and yet, here I am, absolutely taking deep dish pizza to task whilst recounting an exceptional encounter with a starbucks employee. Plus, a tortuous, commercial ridden Spotify experience, and I...
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Pre Taylor Swift Burger Rant


Episode 126 is a hearty meal featuring notes of the excitement one can only feel before taking in Taylor Swift live in concert, with notes of Bulgarian yogurt and a potentially groundbreaking observation re: caterpillars/ butterflies. We will not be offering dessert as there will be absolutely no room.
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