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Happy Memorial Day

3 months ago

A harrowing recap of my In N Out employment journey, a nutless Rocky Road (not a metaphor) plus one of the most unsatisfying meals of my life and the age old question; Who is Desiree? All will be revealed in episode 130.

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Harvard School Of Law


Zebra print, August, downloading the Jamba Juice app, what more you could want from episode 129 I'm not sure. Link for Jolie Shower head: Video episode
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The Storm The Storm The Storm


A tropical storm ushers in heavy rain as well as episode 128, and the topics are pouring in in the form of: The case for smaller museums, a top 5 waiter, rehashing the Naked juice scandal, and getting dressed. A poncho won't save you now.
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Post Taylor Swift/ Bulgarian Yogurt Update Etc.


It's the three year anniversary of the podcast and confessions are made. Many questioned whether I'd make it this far, and yet, here I am, absolutely taking deep dish pizza to task whilst recounting an exceptional encounter with a starbucks employee. Plus, a tortuous, commercial ridden Spotify experience, and I...
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Pre Taylor Swift Burger Rant


Episode 126 is a hearty meal featuring notes of the excitement one can only feel before taking in Taylor Swift live in concert, with notes of Bulgarian yogurt and a potentially groundbreaking observation re: caterpillars/ butterflies. We will not be offering dessert as there will be absolutely no room.
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Thousands of Caterpillars Etc.


Fresh off another emotional stint at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, reeling from visually drinking in thousands of caterpillars, smelling incredible via some new scents, and finishing Sopranos in its entirety, I give you... episode 125.
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Free Slurpee Day At 7-11 Etc.


Recorded on the precipice of receiving yet another rental car... In the present of havoc reeking parrot interruptions, and a few weeks past 7/11 free slurpee day- episode 124 is already shattering records. Greedy for more accolades, 124 also touches on the Barbie movie, sand dollars, and Uruguay.
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Beach Boys Concert Recap Etc.


A fireworks epiphany, not being in denial about the weather, a powerful Mendocino Farms lesson, outdated agendas, two parents named Stacey... you know who's not on summer break? Episode 123.
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Live Download Of The Hollywood Bowl App + More


Recorded hours before a 4th of July Beach Boys concert plus fireworks extravaganza so needless to say but I guess I'll go ahead and say it anyways... emotions are running rampant. As if this wasn't enough: Being upgraded at Jamba Juice, a Sunday wedding, a fresh interlude, and gelato. There's...
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Shattered Glass Etc.


A self proclaimed genius combination, a black and white dog not named Oreo, and the concept of a book heating up late... if it feels like I'm typing this within three hours of seeing a coyote in the wild it's because I have.
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Dolphins, jellyfish, a guitar interlude for the ages plus the Denver Nuggets are NBA champions ergo, I'm an NBA champion... feels right.
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