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Live From My Mom's House Interlude

about 1 year ago

Happy birthday to the twins I went to Hebrew school with. The story behind one of my most risqué journalism pieces. Construction at my mom's house. Juice, and my impression of Amanda Seyfried's impression of Elizabeth Holmes. Unlike the container store- episode 74 cannot be contained. See for privacy information.

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Dear The Tofu I Bought But Ultimately Never Made


My CVS coupons are BACK. Plus- a new shelf situates itself in my life, what to do with free time, the NBA playoffs, the concept of being a chemist... all discussed while my hair is peaking and my leg hurts. Episode 73! See for privacy information.
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Dear Wordle


I find the best episodes are recorded fresh off a stint in Cabo, and episode 72 is no exception. A new plantain chip enters the arena, the concept of starting a new book before you've finished the one you're reading absolutely barrels into the chat. Accidentally free form rock climbing...
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Dear Driving At Night


Episode 71 comes in pouring... rain. A trying time at the Kreation buy one get one event nearly sends me over the edge but luckily I'm able to grab onto the ledge of the cliff with one hand and hoist myself back onto steady ground. Phew. Plus- not using carts...
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Dear People Who Turn Down An Offer To Have Their Seat Warmer On


Episode 70 finds us stranded in the desert sans chapstick, as well as being on the phone with Supercuts... nothing short of a banger. See for privacy information.
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Fruit w/ Billy Scafuri


Cancel every plan you've ever had- an earth shattering round of Three Up, Three Down is afoot. See for privacy information.
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Dear Foamy Hand Soap


Episode 68 finds us back at the Honda Service Center where tensions and oil are running high. Doesn't really make sense but also, you get it. As if that's not enough- water fountains and unnecessary umbrellas are touched upon. Call the lord and tell him to take the day off.....
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A Walk Around The Reservoir w/ Lizzy Ann Cooperman


Lizzy Ann Cooperman graces the studio armed with nothing but her natural charisma, where together, she and Chase recount the heroic journey that has been their experience with the Hollywood Reservoir. If you're looking for an upright stone i'm afraid you won't find one... because they were all left unturned...
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San Diego Interlude


The perils of packing, a rogue Michelada, a braided bun (an award winning haiku as well as the description for episode 66) See for privacy information.
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Dear Listerine Strips


An overdue campaign against Altoids. A controversial take on Cheer. Panic attacks at the Rose Bowl flea market. The Super Bowl. Say what you will about episode 65 but at the end of the day it's not lacking in bowls... See for privacy information.
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Signature Scents w/ Josh Martin


"Oh wow, that smells phenomenal... what are you cooking up?" - You "Oh this? It's episode 64 with comedian Josh Martin, and it's ready to serve." - Me See for privacy information.
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