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Thousands of Caterpillars Etc.

7 months ago

Fresh off another emotional stint at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, reeling from visually drinking in thousands of caterpillars, smelling incredible via some new scents, and finishing Sopranos in its entirety, I give you... episode 125.

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Free Slurpee Day At 7-11 Etc.


Recorded on the precipice of receiving yet another rental car... In the present of havoc reeking parrot interruptions, and a few weeks past 7/11 free slurpee day- episode 124 is already shattering records. Greedy for more accolades, 124 also touches on the Barbie movie, sand dollars, and Uruguay.
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A fireworks epiphany, not being in denial about the weather, a powerful Mendocino Farms lesson, outdated agendas, two parents named Stacey... you know who's not on summer break? Episode 123.
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Recorded hours before a 4th of July Beach Boys concert plus fireworks extravaganza so needless to say but I guess I'll go ahead and say it anyways... emotions are running rampant. As if this wasn't enough: Being upgraded at Jamba Juice, a Sunday wedding, a fresh interlude, and gelato. There's...
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A self proclaimed genius combination, a black and white dog not named Oreo, and the concept of a book heating up late... if it feels like I'm typing this within three hours of seeing a coyote in the wild it's because I have.
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Dolphins, jellyfish, a guitar interlude for the ages plus the Denver Nuggets are NBA champions ergo, I'm an NBA champion... feels right.
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A not so kind tirade against Kind bars, my mom and her friend Kim's yard sale, a benefit, an underwater related news story plus a shocking confession.
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An update on my flags plus grappling with the identity of summer 2023.
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Snakes, flags, french toast, Jerry, stepping down into a shower... a memorial day weekend for the ages.
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Dinner places that don't take reservations, a room temperature soup situation plus Darwinism.
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Episode 115 descends upon us like a foreign exchange student transferring mid semester, where from... we don't know. What we do know is that much like the Golden State Warriors, the dynasty of my go to Zara heels has ended, there's a new bronzing mist in my life, and I...
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