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Country-ish 1: Black Fried Day & Brotox

over 4 years ago

Welcome to the first ever episode of Country-ish. The Fried podcast got a facelift, well not really. But Marc Stamos did get some botox aka “Brotox”. In this episode the boys get together and talk about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then Betty Reep calls in with a Popsicle update. Jon reads from his high-school journal in (Jon’s Journal), Shawn gives us a (Small Town News) story about a "Maxi Pad Bandit", then Jon and Marc exchanges gifts in a (Good Will Hunting) segment. It’s time for Country-ish!

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Episode 103 - Panther Pissed!


This episode of the Fried Pod, is a full house. Jon, Shawn, Marc, & Alan all get together and follow up on the Big Foot sightings in North Carolina, old and new. Then they talk about snipe hunting, exchange gifts from Good Will, Jon gives his true feelings on Cam...
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Episode 102 - Big Foot in Hickory


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon, Shawn, Alan, and Marc all get together and talk about 3 Big Foots spotted in Hickory, Hurricane Dorian, & Myrtle Beach. Plus Jon reads a YouTube comment from a distant cousin, reads from his high school journal, does a Good Will Hunting...
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Episode 101 - Myrtle Beach Y'all


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon gets together with comedians Dennis Bellamy & Frankie Rich at the Carolina Comedy Club in Myrtle Beach, SC. They talk about how the club just got a huge make over, there beginnings in stand up comedy, the oldest memory in your brain...
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Episode 100 - Josh Nasar


In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon is in Los Angeles and he gets together with comedian / actor, Josh Nasar. They sit down in Josh’s Air BnB and record a Smash Cast. So it’s half "Fried Pod", half "Getting Ready" with Josh Nasar. Enjoy.
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Episode 99 - Brown Town


In this episode of the Fried Pod: Jon, Alan, and Marc discuss the unfortunate but inevitable event of pooping one’s pants. Then, what to do when you get caught in a rain storm while canoeing, Corn Hole Tournaments, Rude Blood mobiles, and we introduce a NEW segment called "Good Will...
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Episode 98 - Tubin'


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon and Shawn talk about there recent trip tubin’ down the river, who’s better at throwing axes, The Grundy County Auction Incident, Peeing on Potatoes & of course we reveal the winners of the "Meme Me / Caption This" contest.
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Episode 97 - Toothpaste & Tools


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon & Alan get together with comedian John Wesley Austin. They talk about the first jokes they told on stage and try to figure out who is Steven Eddie? What NOT to do on a cruise ship, will Hickory be the new Branson...
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Episode 96 - Magic 8 Ball


In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon reveals the winners of the latest "Meme Me" contest, shows us his latest pool scene reenactment, reads another journal entry from his high school journal back in 1989, and Shawn Setzer tells us how he got the nickname Sebastian. This one is...
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Episode 95 - Don’t be a Bully


It's a star studded episode of the Fried Pod today. We got Captain Cape AND Marcus Christian. As always we read your emails & youtube comments, we reveal the new winners of the "Meme Me" contest, read a finished poem from a fan. Then we talk about how Denzel Washington...
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Episode 94 - Captain Cape & the Golden God


In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon gets together with Shawn Setzer aka Captain Cape and they reveal the winners of the "Meme Me" / "Caption This” contest. They read your Youtube comments and emails, read two more Journal entries from Jon’s High School journal, and we learn how...
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