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Kyle Davis, 'Member Me?, Caption This, & Relative Insanity!

over 3 years ago

In this episode Jon pulls out his high school yearbook and calls up people who left a phone number and wrote things like "Stay in touch!" or "Call anytime!" in another edition of "'Member Me?" Then Jon and Sebastian take listener phone calls and call people from THEIR yearbooks. After that, Jon shows an old photo for a game of "Meme Me (or Caption This)". Next, we get a “Popsicle Update" and actor & friend KYLE DAVIS from IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and INTO THE STORM joins the show in "Who’s Zoomin Who". And finally, the boys play Jeff Foxworthy’s card game “Relative Insanity”! This episode will drive you crazier then being held hostage in Mexico!

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