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FOX Sports' Will Kunkel, Reno Collier's "Legit or Bulls*&@?", Redneck Reviews & Residual Checks!

about 28 days ago

In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about their Christmas gifts, Jon reveals he did not actually die (like many of his fans feared), open gifts from super fan Samantha, and then Jon talks to the sports director of FOX 46 Will Kunkel about the downfall of the Carolina Panthers. Then in BEST TRENDS NFL hall of fame coach John Madden passed away and the UCLA Bruins pulled out of the Holiday Bowl just hours before their matchup with North Carolina State was set to take place. After that comedian Reno Collier zooms in to play another round of "Is It Legit or Bullshit"? Jon has to figure out which sports story on this day was true or false. Next up Intern Isiah reviews the 2nd episode of ‘And Just Like’ that on HBO. And finally it’s time to give money away as the boys play, "How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” It’s another foreign royalty check from Germany and Switzerland. How much was it? This episode is Charitable Sporty Covid-Free. Join actor/comedian Jon Reep and his crew for COUNTRY-ish, live on YouTube and Facebook Tuesday nights at 8:00pm EST. Jon talks about the latest BEST TRENDS, gets a REDNECK REVIEW of the new "Sex in the City" TV show from Intern Isaiah, plays a round of IS IT LEGIT... OR IS IT BULLS#&@? with RENO COLLIER and talks Panther football with Fox Sports director WILL KUNKEL! See for privacy information.

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Zach Selwyn, Austin Translation, Dirty Grass Soul & Flying Cats!


In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about Jon’s new "pull patch" hat and Intern Isaiah's graduation party. Then it’s time for "Best Trends", brought to you by Hendrick Honda Cars of Hickory, as actor Charles Grodin, star of ‘Beethoven’ and ‘Heartbreak Kid,’ died at age 86...
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Jon Joins the BTS Army, Comedian Tim Gaither, and Don't Worry, Be Happy!


Comedian/Actor Jon Reep and Marcus Stamos talk about Jon's recent trip to SC and an encounter with some very angry geese. In "Best Trends" we learn about the BTS Army with Jon and Marcus making their own BTS "selfies" and then discuss "Kong vs. Godzilla". Plus, Jon debuts the music...
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Easter Games, "Satan Shoes", and Comedian Aaron Weber


In this episode Sebastian and Jon want to know how many Marshmallow Peeps Intern Isiah can stuff in his mouth, Jon’s mom calls in with story about his dad and rabbit poop, and in “Best Trends” they discuss Lil Nas X and his release of “Satan Shoes”. After that they...
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Mukbanging with Chelcie Lynn and Shrimp Tails in the Cereal!


Jon and Marcus Stamos talk about the latest trends, including National Puppy Day, National AG Day, and the guy who found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. The phone lines open and it’s time for another round of “How Much is that Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” Then...
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