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Veteran's Day, Dolly Parton, Mukbanging, Goodwill Hunting and Mr. Showtime!

over 2 years ago

Join Jon Rep and his COUNTRY-ish crew as they talk about the BEST TRENDS, including Dolly Parton's mysterious husband and celebrate National Louisiana Day. It's time for another episode of MUKBANGING WITH MOM'OSA, as Jon and his mother visit Hickory Smokehouse BBQ and try to eat in the car without utensils. Hilarity ensues! The crew then celebrates VETERAN'S DAY and hear some stories from their resident veteran Mr. Mark Have-a-Ball, as well as photos and stories from other COUNTRY-ish crew members too. After that, Jon welcomes David Scott ("MR. SHOWTIME") to the room via Zoom to talk his Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up show and his comedy influences. And finally, Jon and Marcus Stamos exchange gifts on GOODWILL HUNTING they found for $5.00 or less at a local Goodwill. Watch Jon get assaulted by Stamos during some horseplay! It's a Cajun, Smokey Veteran show for you this week! See for privacy information.

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