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Episode 247: Putting the Beast Back In Bea$T!ality

about 5 days ago

As the title suggests, we get back to where our bread is buttered on this one. It's episodes like this that keep us ahead of the podcasting pack when it comes to animal reporting. This one's a real BANGER. O'Neill starts it out by talking about a recent camping trip he took (with weapons, don't worry!). After that, we discuss some recent drama out there in the podcasting world. We transition soooo smoothly to the topic of graduations and try to explain to those missing them right now that they're really not missing anything. THEN, it's finally a return to the ponies. A story about a man caught prowling in the stables. Get your riding pants and boots on. You're going to need them. After that, it's time for MORE animals as a woman from O'Neill's home state of Indiana tries to sue for not allowing her emotional support monkey into a campground. As if this episode isn't burning a hole in your damn ears enough already, we discuss a story that is insane. It involves a tiger running rampant down suburban streets, a man in a cowboy hat with a lasso, and another man with a folding chair. Just the perfect recipe for greatness. O'Neill recalls a video he saw that took place in Albania that's equally insane. Danish talks about recently getting into the show Live PD. Then, it's back to the animal kingdom, where sadly, a couple learned a hard lesson about domesticated animals. This one will give you all the feels and touches. That's what "they" say, right?

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Episode 246: Lot Lizard


Hello, podcast listener, my old friend. We've come to entertain you again. Okay, enough singing. We start the episode by talking about some of the recent comings and goings in the UFC. Are we officially team Connie Mac? LIsten and find out. Ooooooh, the suspense, the agony! We have the...
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Episode 245: Homeless Spring Break


No diggity, no doubt, it's another power-packed episode! This one starts out on somber note as O'Neill shares some sad news about someone passing away. However, after that convo, he goes from death to marriage by sharing an unlikely love story. With his feelings running the gamut, O'Neill then wants...
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Episode 244: Johnny Mac Attack


O'Neill starts this week's episode off by talking about watching Eddie Murphy's stand-up specials. After that, Danish brings up how Bert Kreischman had Guy Ferry on his podcast recently, and he brings up some news and notes from what he heard from it. Danish relays a story he heard about...
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Episode 243: 2 Dudes and a Goat Walk Into a Porn Shop...


Howdy, partners! On this episode, O'Neill tells a harrowing tale of an electric bike ride gone awry. He also talks about watching Neftlix's Too Hot to Handle. Danish talks about watching a documentary on Neftlix called How to Fix a Drug Scandal. There's some UFC talk, and a discussion about...
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Episode 242: Rodeo High


It's another week of the D+O podcast (the lockdown episodes to be more precise, but we're not going to let that stand in the way of a good time!). We talk about our lockdown experiences around town. Danish has a run-in with an overachieving neighbor while on a walk. O'Neill's...
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Bonus Episode: More Tiger King w/Steve Rannazzisi and Friends


We revisit Tiger King with a bunch of our pals and it's a real humdinger.
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Episode 241: Jet Ski Cornhole


It's another week of quarantine, and we're talking UFC's failed attempt to make 249 happen and the ridiculous "fight island" that Dana White's building. Then, we move on to one of the unluckiest and scrappiest home invaders of 2020. After that, you better take a seat if you love jet...
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Episode 240: here's the Situation!


And, we're back! On this episode, we're assisted by Aaron to help with the audio. Thanks, Aaron! We discuss the ever evolving situation with Coronavirus, and how it's been affecting us. Danish describes some strange things he's seen and experienced on the streets. O'Neill talks about driving around and wanting...
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Episode 240: here's the Situation


Back for another week, with better audio (thanks, Aaron!). On this episode, we discuss the state of the world and LA. Danish witnesses some strange things on the streets, and O'Neill drives around and wants to go back country skiing. And we discuss some news and notes concerning events that...
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Episode 239b: Rerelease of Unwashed Ham with Edited Audio


It's episode 239 without the lag we were expierencing from doing our first ever remote podcast. Thanks so much to Brian G for editing this and sending it to us. He's a true blue beach pony for life.
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